Checkpoint Food and Drinks

Checkpoint Food and Drinks

All food served at checkpoints will be vegetarian

The following food and drinks will be p
rovided at checkpoints (subject to variation):

Anzac biscuits or similar
Fruit cake
Bananas and Oranges cut up
Pretzls and potato chips
Bread for sandwiches (peanut butter, avocado, tomato, jam)
Lollies (snakes)
Coke, Lemonade (you will need your own cup)
Sportdrink labelled with which variety available
Savoury muffins (zucchini style)

The Gables and 12 Apostles only will also have:
Vegetarian Soup
Pasta and tomato sauce
Boiled potatoes
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate/Milo

There will be no cups at checkpoints except at those offering hot drinks (The Gables and 12 Apostles). Runners must either carry your own cup or use your hydration system. 

For any special food requirements runners should utilise their drop bags. Do not put perishables or glass in dropbags. 


Runners can use dropbags for all the manned checkpoints. These must be deposited at the appropriate collection area at the Friday night before race briefing is finished. They must be clearly marked with name, race number and designated checkpoint.  Please try to keep dropbags to a reasonable size.

After a checkpoint closes a
ll attempts will be made to transfer bags to the finish and then to Port Campbell Surf Club after the race. Final collection will be Sunday morning after the breakfast. If not collected valuables will be removed and the rest disposed of.

Finish line bags

There will be provision to get your bags to the finish from the start line. Your finish line bag can be brought to the start line on Saturday morning and put into the van to be taken to the finish line.


No food, drink or equipment can be stashed along the course by runners.


Water will only be available at the checkpoints. There will be an unmanned water drop at Moonlight Head. 

Runners may NOT use the water tanks at the Great Ocean Walk Hike-in Checkpoints.  These are provided for hikers only and are in limited supply.

Some creeks may contain drinkable water but it should always be treated or filtered.  Most large streams are estuarine and should definitely not be drunk.

Hydration and nutrition   

Maintaining proper fluid and calorie intake is a personal responsibility, and runners should already be competent in this area. All runners should be aware of the dangers of EAH-Exercise Associated Hyponatremia. Probably the best explanation on this whole subject is available on the Western States website http://www.wser.org/medical-and-other-risks/

Pain relief and Ibuprofen 

The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (eg ibuprofen, nurofen) during endurance events has been proven to be dangerous. It is requested that runners do not take NSAIDs during GOW100s.

This from Dr Bob Albright, Nephrologist at Endurancecorner.com: "Be very careful with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs). While these agents are quite beneficial for many with normal kidneys and pain/inflammation, they have a dark side (see Dr. Creswell's article (www.endurancecorner.com/Larry_Creswell/NSAIDs) on the topic). Their ability to decrease pain and inflammation are directly due to blockage of prostaglandins. However, prostaglandins also open blood vessels. So, do not use these agents if you are engaging in an activity where good blood flow may be important. I need to also point out the tendency of these agents to amplify or even cause low sodium levels (hyponatremia)."