Please read the following before entering. Avoid any surprises.

Please check that you can make the Friday afternoon gear check and 
mandatory race briefing before entering.

Entry is subject to reading and acceptance of the attached waiver (this will 
be included in the online entry process) and having all of the mandatory gear and being able to attend the mandatory race briefing.

Entries have closed.

Please don't try to enter your AURA number in the "discount code". AURA discount is automatically applied when you select your event. It appears on the second page when asked.

Things you will need to know when entering: the phone number of the phone you will be carrying on the day, your emergency contact name and number, your tshirt size, and a qualifying race/s (keep this brief but race name and distance are needed). If you and your crew are coming to the breakfast presentation on Sunday morning and/or you need a bus ride back after presentation then you need to book these tickets during the registration process.

For further details on entry including fees go to Entry Details page.

Pre-entry registration for 3 time starters, last years winners and volunteers from 2016 will occur before main registration opens. 3 time veteran finishers will have 24hrs to enter before general admission starts. Pre-entries open Friday 21 April, 2017. If you think you qualify for pre-entry and haven't received notification please email me:

General entry will open at 6am Sunday 23 April, 2017.

Entry registration for 55/45 Teams will occur on 6am Saturday 22 April, 2017. Any unfilled team entry spots will be opened for solo runners on the Sunday.

Full details of process will be emailed out and available here closer to opening: News Updates

Registration does not guarantee entry into the race and any unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund. If uncertain whether you will qualify, please contact me prior to discuss:

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