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To all GWEA members

posted Jan 12, 2012, 3:23 PM by Lise Tierney
TO:                 All NEA-NH Members
FROM:           Rick Trombly, NEA-NH Director of Policy and Advocacy
DATE:           1/12/12
RE:                 NH Legislatures Seek to Eliminate Collective Bargaining

New Hampshire Legislators are seeking to end the right to collectively bargain in NH, making any and all future collective bargaining agreements illegal.

If passed, HB 1645 has the potential to be far worse than what was enacted in Wisconsin, and represents the most serious threat to our profession in decades.

All of your negotiated benefits, including: salary, medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, sick days, the sick leave bank, personal days, retirement benefits, the length of your school year and work day, and all other working conditions would be completely at the discretion of the school district and school board - and could be changed or revoked at any time.

If the House falls short of this goal, they have also introduced other bills to severely limit collective bargaining in the state including those listed below.

We need your help.

We are asking all our members to attend as many of the hearings as they can in a show of support for our rights, and to consider testifying before the committee in opposition to these bills. We can help you prepare to testify if you are interested. 

Contact us here if you can attend or testify at any of these hearings listed below.

JANUARY 19, 2012, Rooms 305-307, Legislative Office Building, Concord, NH

9:00 a.m.          HB 1163, prohibiting the withholding union dues from wages.
9:01 a.m.          HB 1206, prohibiting the state from withholding union dues from the wages of state employees.
11:30 a.m.        HB 1570, relative to the duty of a public employee labor organization to represent employees who elect not to join or to pay dues or fees to the employee organization.
1:15 p.m.          HB 1663-FN-L, relative to payment of union fees by non-members.
3:00 p.m.          HB 1645-FN, prohibiting all public employees from participating in collective bargaining.

These hearings represent the beginning of the process to enact HB 1645. We hope to show the bill’s sponsors and committee members that eliminating collective bargaining in New Hampshire hurts the hard-working middle-class families that make this state a great place to live and raise children. They need to see from the very first hearing that enacting HB 1645 will be a difficult struggle that will damage the quality of education, impact the safety of all citizens and endanger their political careers. Please join us in this effort.