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Republicans seek to gut public education

posted Dec 28, 2011, 6:30 PM by Lise Tierney

Republicans seek to gut public education

In November the Concord Monitor published Bill Duncan’s excellent essay “Gutting public schools, one bad bill at a time.” Citing bills undermining public education, like lowering the dropout age, ending compulsory attendance, eliminating kindergarten altogether, Duncan warns that Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives intend “to dismantle public education – or ‘government schools,’ as they call them – and replace them with private, religious or home schools.”

He is correct. As a member of the House Education Committee, I can attest that Mr. Duncan has described with great accuracy exactly what is happening. CACR8, a retained bill amending the constitution to allow the state to remove itself from funding public schools and at the same time fund religious schools will be voted on when the House reopens on Jan. 3 and 4.

A bill to come later in the term would give tax credits to businesses that they would then use to fund scholarships to private schools. The bill would, in other words, take taxpayer money away from public schools to send students to private schools.

These bills are getting by under the radar because people naturally would not imagine that anything so radical and destructive could be happening. But it is: these coming bills could and probably will pass unless there is a strong public outcry against them. Please be warned and please make your views known to Republican House members before it is too late.

Rep. June M. Frazer


District 10