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Now is the Time

posted Sep 21, 2011, 4:20 PM by Lise Tierney   [ updated Sep 21, 2011, 4:24 PM ]

Because of THEM… WE need YOU!

Join the Apple Corps

Support candidates who support educators!



The New Hampshire Education Political Action Committee (NHEPAC/APPLE CORPS) and the National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education (NEAFCPE) collect voluntary contributions from Association members and use these contributions for political purposes, including, but not limited to, making contributions to and expenditures on behalf of friends of public education who are candidates for federal, state or local office. Contributions to the NEAFCPE and NHEP AC/APPLE CORPS are voluntary; making a contribution is neither a condition of employment nor membership in the Association, and members have the right to refuse to contribute without suffering any reprisal. Although the NEAFCPE requests an annual contribution of $25.00 and the NHEP AC/APPLE CORPS requests a contribution of $25.00, these amounts are only suggestions. A member may contribute more or less than the suggested amount, or may contribute nothing at all, without it affecting his or her membership status, rights or benefits in NEA-NH or NEA.


Your union dues cannot be used for political contribution. NEA-NH, under the guidance of the Government Relations Committee, use the money collected to help elect friends of educators.  The Government Relations Committee will be meeting soon to establish new legislative goals.  In order to succeed, we need your help! Please join Apple Corps so we can continue to elect pro-education legislators. See your building representative today!

Click on the link below and download the authorization form.  Your building rep will help you.