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HB 542

posted Jan 12, 2012, 10:53 AM by Lise Tierney
The New Hampshire House and Senate voted today to override Governor Lynch’s veto of HB 542. That bill requires school districts to adopt procedures that allow parents to provide a district with alternative course material which shall be taught to their children when the parent finds the teacher’s material to be objectionable. The law does not define the word “objectionable.”
The law in New Hampshire now gives every parent an absolute veto over what is taught in the classroom.  Public school children in New Hampshire traditionally score well on national tests. That will be threatened because any parent can refuse to allow their child to be taught subjects which will later appear on these tests. Further, the cost of teaching these alternative material is passed on to taxpayers with no reimbursement from the state or the parent. The parent pays only the cost of the material , not the additional instruction  needed to teach it.
In the classroom, educators will no longer have common knowledge or curriculum.  NEA-NH worked to defeat this bill but the supporters who believed it was a parental rights issue ultimately prevailed.
Rick Trombly
Director of Advocacy and Policy