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 I am a doctoral student in Kyoto University. I am doing my research in the Laboratory of  Plant  Breeding (Department of Agronomy and Horticulture  Science, Graduate School of Agriculture)  under  Professor Dr. Takatoshi Tanisaka.


 I expect to get doctorate degree  by March 2010. I did my Masters from the same laboratory. During my study in this laboratory, I studied three crops: Soybean, Rice and Wheat. In my masters, i had my research on genetic transformation and genetic relationship between Alcohol dehydrogenase and Flood Tolerance in soybean.

For my doctoral thesis i am working on  genetic control of  Proanthocyanidin and  Radical Scavenging Activities in Soybean.  The range of  study of proanthocyanidin (polyphenols) is  wide and full of  curious mysteries.

I want to dedicate my life in its study.  I am interested in  the study of Primates, too. To make my career, i like to work as a researcher on polyphenols on especially tea and medicinal herbs.    My research swings  between  soybean seed coat and radical scavenging activities. I give talks  on Genetic Engineering: present,  future and principles.

  I spent a lot of time on QTL. At present, I am interested in eQTL.


 Lately, i tried my presence in many  places, You Tube, Red Room, Hi5, Face Book, Geocities, Photo blog, Shovang, Myspace, Blogspot, Webpaint, Zorpia, Flicker etc.  They are badly updated, if at all. I don't expect comments, after all, comments are not going to change me  much. However, if  you sent  out of altruism, i shall respect


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