Home Phone Service for low Income Families

Home Phone Service is not only expediency, but fundamental requirements. Phone calls connected you to your dear and near ones. There are lots of people who simply cannot afford to have landline home phone service in their home. The economic down turn has left everyone to think on extra expenses. Many of the individuals and families looking forward for qualified programs of Lifeline and Link-Up (reduced-cost home phone service programs, Government assisted home phone) which are now easily available at your next door and can help to keep a landline phone service in their home. Free Lifeline Home Phone Service provides residential lifeline home phone services at low rates.

The best part of
Free Lifeline Home Phone Service is that you can activate your services without bothering of your credit score, no deposits required, and be on our customer as long as you wish to be!!! Lifeline and Link-Up programs help low earning get access to particular home telephone service affordable rates.

Free Lifeline local home telephone services has always principally been consumers whose credit rating or whose prior payment history with Telephone Companies are poor. These customers have either been disconnected by the local telephone company or do not qualify for service and require a local dial tone to address basic communication needs.

Free Lifeline
Free Home Phone Service is one of the low cost phone service compared to other phone companies. Free Lifeline Home Phone Service has various low cost local phone agreements available which can make feel comfortable with phone bills and a local phone service that is best for you and your family. 

Lifeline Home Telephone Service presents a qualifying individual, discounts to the costs of that individual's home telephone service for one telephone line per household at the main place of residence. Link-Up permits qualified individuals a discount on the cost of initially ordering home telephone service.

In today’s highly interconnected world,
telephone service provides a Lifeline to emergency help and a vital link to family, friends, employers and community and not everyone can afford the cost of a home telephone. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), State public utility commissions and state consumer have joined to make available to low-income consumers a discount on the connection fee and monthly recurring charge for local telephone service to make such service more affordable and universally available. The Link-Up program provides a generous discount to eligible low-income customers for the installation of local telephone service in their homes and the Lifeline program provides a discount to eligible low-income customers to reduce the cost of their monthly phone bill. The federal Link-Up and Lifeline programs are available to eligible consumers in every state.

In General terms, consumers sometime also refer as
Government assisted home phone, Free Government Home Phone, Cheap Home Phone Service, Low Income Home Phone, Free Local Telephone, Pay as you go home phone service, and  Prepaid Home Phone.


Yes, if you receive state or federal help from:

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In these times with so many struggling to get by, it is important that everyone understand all of the assistance that is available to help people stay afloat. “Lifeline" and "Link-Up" are programs that provide discounts to low-income consumers on basic residential telephone service.
The Lifeline program have been active for years, administered by the Federal Communications Commission and the state public utility commissions, but at least half of eligible consumers nationwide do not take advantage of these discounts.

We encourage you to join us in raising awareness of Lifeline and Link Up Telephone Discount Awareness by posting information about the Free Lifeline Phone in your offices, distributing information on the Lifeline program to your staff and consumers you serve, forwarding this information to other organizations/people in your community
Thank you for your support of improving consumer access to Lifeline and Link Up Telephone Discount program. Let's make all household get connected with Home Phone Service.