Date: January 8th-9th 2011
Venue: Golden Gate Room, Milberry Union, 500 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco CA
What you can expect from us
The conference will consist of a didactic and workshop day followed by a "simulation" day to discuss what you have learned!

January 8th: Didactic sessions
Defining Global Health Governance, Role of Human Rights in Health Diplomacy, and Mechanisms in Global Health Governance (International Health Resolution making, foreign aid, academic research, and advocacy) 

January 9th: Simulation 
This is the crux of the conference. We will be presenting a situation about food security in which the participants, who play the role of global health organizations, will act out the roles and interests of their player as a demonstration of how decisions are made in global health. The topic this year will be food security. This will supplemented with sessions about negotiation, challenges of partnership creation, and a reflection session. 

What we expect from our participants
Once we notify all the participants of their acceptance to the program, we will assign various roles (drawing from the myriad of players listed in our logo) and special interests. We expect participants to research their players and understand the history, actions, programs and interests of their roles.