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Government Semester Units Schedule

The class will learn the types and purposes of government, and focus specifically on the government of the United States.  They will understand their role as citizens of the United States and their impact on the function of government, especially the three branches of government:  executive, legislative, and judicial.  Local, state and federal levels in the government will be examined.  The social science analysis paper will require the student to write a thesis with three supporting statements and conclusion.  Reading strategies presented will include examination of cause and effect, concept mapping, graphic organizers and study of charts and graphs.

Unit 1 Power, Authority, and Government 

Chapter 1 Nature of Power, Politics, and Government
Chapter 2 Comparing Forms of Government - 1 week

Chapter Proficiency Quizzes

Unit 1 Test

Unit 2 Foundations of American Government
Chapter 3 Roots of American Democracy - 1 week
Chapter 4 United States Constitution - 2 weeks
Chapter 5 Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties - 2 weeks

Chapter Proficiency Quizzes

Unit 2 Test

Unit 3 Political Participation
Chapter 8 Parties, Interest Groups, and Public Policy - 2 weeks
Chapter 9 Public Opinion and Media
Chapter 10 Political Campaign and Elections - 2 weeks

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Unit 3 Test

Unit 4 Legislative Branch
Chapter 11 Lawmakers and Legislatures - 1 week
Chapter 12 Congressional Lawmaking - 2 weeks

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Unit 4 Test

Unit 5 Executive Branch
Chapter 13 Chief Executives and Bureaucracies - 1 week

Chapter Proficiency Quiz

Unit 5 Test

Unit 6 Judicial Branch
Chapter 15 Courts, Judges, and the Law -- 1 week

Chapter Proficiency Quiz

Unit 6 Test

Unit 7 United States and the World
Chapter 17 Creating American Foreign Policy - 1 week

Chapter Proficiency Quiz

Unit 7 Test

Health Care
LPA - 3 weeks

Semester Exam