Gout symptoms

The symptoms of gout: a targeted therapy
     The symptoms of gout main categories: Early symptoms of gout, acute exacerbation of symptoms of gout, intermittent phase and chronic phase of gout symptoms of gout symptoms. The various stages of gout disease symptoms are different treatment in different ways, based on the different stages of gout symptoms treatment suited to take as this will be achieved very good
therapeutic effect.
1, the early symptoms of gout disease 
       This stage of gout symptoms of hyperuricemia, the performance of males is higher than 417μmol • L-1, higher in females than 356μmol • L-1, this time there is no pain, no arthritis, gout stones, kidney stones and other clinical manifestations.
2, acute exacerbation of gout symptoms 
       Onset time is usually after midnight. This stage of gout symptoms of ankle joint or toes, arms, fingers, joints pain, swelling, redness, accompanied by severe pain. Using a microscope to observe, you will find a pine needle-like surface of the skin tissue urate deposition. Uric acid salt precipitation is caused by severe pain. Please note that the onset period of serum uric acid has been generated due to precipitation, so the highest value of uric acid value is lower than usual.
3, intermittent periods gout symptoms 
       The stage performance is the main symptoms of gout are high concentrations of serum uric acid. The so-called intermittent period is defined as twice the incidence of interval gout, usually a few months to one year. If there is no use of uric acid reduction method of attack would be frequent, pain aggravated course of the disease extension.
4, chronic symptoms of gout
       The phase of the symptoms of gout tophi exist mainly, chronic arthritis, uric acid stones and gout nephritis and complications. At this time frequent gout attacks, tophi body parts began to appear, with time tophi gradually larger.
     Chronic arthritis is the cartilage and connective tissue around the joint urate calm, fiber proliferation, bone destruction, leading to joint stiffness, deformity, there may be pseudo-rheumatoid arthritis-like joint, so that complete loss of function. 
     Gouty nephropathy refers to the urate renal disease and uric acid renal disease, the incidence of gout symptoms and long-term and long-term consumption of high uric acid uric acid lowering drugs.
      Gout, "you'd rather die," the pain, so that gout patients rather die than live, and along with the extension of course, gout also have a number of complications, these complications in patients with serious damage to the health of those who could easily produce such as obesity, high blood lipids, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, gout nephropathy complications.
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