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High blood pressure in patients with diabetes, gout take-away food, what taboos

Root cause of gout disease is caused by acidic,
Transferred to their own body alkaline constitution,
Gout is a curable disease.
(PH is the normal body fluids :7.35-7 .45)
Usually drink alkaline natural mineral water, on the one hand to improve the body's pH, on the other hand speed up the discharge of uric acid.
Eat more fruits and vegetables, most fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods, washed before eating, prevent pesticide, fertilizer residues, agricultural and chemical fertilizers, sulfur and phosphorus, food in the body after the formation of sulfate and phosphate with lower PH value.
Want to help you!
Gout - Fasting: seafood, beer, animal offal, bone marrow, broth (especially pork, beef, mutton broth, Han Piaoling too much, if it wanted to eat, put the broth and throw, only left room and board meat, but also eat less). - Eat: fish, cola,
           - Eat more alkaline health food, eat acidic foods, eat whole grains eat rice (which is also good for diabetes)
     Diabetes - eating congee / rice porridge (absorption of the fast, blood sugar will rise rapidly falling fast, easy to fasting hypoglycemia, postprandial hyperglycemia), do not eat greasy, sweet fruit in moderation, can eat tomatoes and cucumbers instead of fruit,
           - Buckwheat instead of rice, the outcome will be very good, bitter melon has some of the benefits of hypoglycemic, but eat in moderation.
     High blood pressure - salt, eat light, and eat more vegetables and less meat, many obese patients through weight loss, blood pressure can be reduced to normal, showing that blood pressure and lipids to a significant relationship, they must control food intake and fat intake volume.
Please pay special attention to diabetes, patients with diabetes do not have anything special taboo, but food intake must be controlled in most diabetic patients are greedy, the more greedy the more severe the disease, eating dinner must exercise! Need to exercise (walk-step one can do more than sit strong), as early in the evening had to this day, the amount of food to be fixed, dinner time have almost fixed, can not eat snacks, in order to readjust the body's blood glucose control habits, islet function, if you can no longer controlled by diet and exercise, and it's using drug-assisted, and the situation of persons selected according to different drugs or insulin, but do not think that the verdict of the use of insulin, insulin-dependent, then what is? Insulin or hypoglycemic agents depends entirely on your physical condition, type 2 diabetes-insulin-dependent this argument does not exist, it should not be on insulin reported that contradiction! !
     Do not listen to the radio where ads! ! A lot of irreversible because of low blood sugar to reflect the radio ad to eat prescriptions to the hospital, some seriously die. If you really can cure diabetes, medicine, hospitals are not stupid why is it not A! !
     Patients with diabetes should test blood sugar! ! ! When blood sugar stable should also be measured continuously for three days every month of fasting and postprandial blood glucose two hours, not smooth when the blood sugar of the must know that every day down to a smooth ending! ! Fasting in patients less than 45 years of age can not exceed 6.8, and after the meal can not exceed 7.8, more than 45-year-old patients should not be more than 9, if the high response to it have to want to come down, or else very bad for the future, it may Some patients feel that high and I do not feel anything just whether or not he, which is something people should not wait until the age of the complications of big time, how regrets are too late!
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