Gout diet therapy

Diet is simple, basic measures of prevention and treatment of gout. Its indications include:
1, gouty arthritis (including acute phase and the interim period), gouty nephropathy and uric acid kidney stones gout cherries.
2, there is and gout-related diseases. Such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and gout patients diet for cardio-cerebral vascular diseases.
3, hyperuricemia.
4, there is a history of gout at high risk family members.
The basic principles of diet control elements do not drink, do not eat animal organs, such as liver, kidney, brain, heart, intestines, etc. (and meat soup, gout and fatty liver eating seafood, and drink plenty of water, Other food can be appropriate for human consumption, but if the result of excessive intake of certain foods can actually cause over your gout attack gout Capsule, NA me should also be restricted.
1, fat: fat intake per day per kg body weight 0.6 ~ 1g to give suitable, accounting for 20% of total calories to 25%. Concurrent with hyperlipidemia who should be appropriate limits, especially in the acute gout attack phase elements need to avoid high-fat diet, these elements because the high-fat diet gout treatment inhibit uric acid excretion. The daily cholesterol intake of no more than 300mg. Eat less fried food. Intake of fat varieties should be based on vegetable oil-based, such as: bean oil, peanut oil, corn oil.
2, purine intake: normal purine intake can be up to 600 ~ 1000mg / day. Gout arthritis attack patients a day not more than 100 ~ 150mg. After treatment of blood uric acid in gout symptoms can be kept at normal levels after the intake may be increased. However, in a specific operation, difficult to achieve quantitative intake. I believe no one can know the exact three meals a day in the amount of purine how many elements, but a rough estimate is also prime position to judge, which aspects will be detailed in the following.
3 Chinese medicine treatment gout, carbohydrates: gout patients the main staple food should be carbohydrates, carbohydrates should be 50% of total calories to 60%, or even up to 70%. The choice of rice, corn, flour and its products (such as steamed bread, noodles, bread, etc.). However, those with diabetes, carbohydrate intake should be added to control gout out-patient system, the daily per kg body weight given preferably 4 ~ 5g, accounting for about 50% of total calories~ 55%.
4, protein: protein daily intake per kg body weight given preferably 0.8 ~ 1.0g, accounting for 12% of total calories to 14%, the daily protein supply, up to about 60 grams of gout stator. For weight loss, manual workers, elderly persons and appropriate relaxation. Proteins in milk and eggs mainly river fish consumption may be appropriate, but also moderate consumption of lean meat, poultry meat, but suggested cuts, boiled for purine soluble in water, then go to eat soup. Containing high-purine foods such as animal offal and seafood, need to reduce food intake or prohibited.
5, the total thermal energy: The total supply of calories varies, such as resting with the manual is different. Rest are a daily calorie per kilogram body weight gout disease 25kcal ~ 30kcal given, manual workers, compared with 30kcal ~ 40kcal.
6, Salt: For patients with hypertension, heart disease, renal damage should be limited to the diagnosis of gout salt intake of no more than 6g a day is appropriate, the general control of about 2 ~ 5g.
7, vegetables, fruits: vegetables except mushrooms, bean class (how to treat gout, such as lentils), seaweed and spinach should not eat lots of things may apply to food, fruit and had no contraindications.
8, beverages and condiments: Traditional Chinese medicine emphasis on avoiding stimulating beverages, such as strong coffee and tea category, and even condiments, spices, etc. gout diet is also not appropriate to use. However, modern medicine, based primarily on the purine content in food to determine whether the right elements, so coffee, tea and spices there is no restriction gout patients diet.
9, Water: should be more water, daily water intake recommended 20 gout powder 00 ~ 3000ml or so, can serve to increase urine output (preferably about 1500 milliliters per day to maintain urine output), to promote uric acid excretion and to avoid pain the wind treatment of the role of urinary stone formation.
10, Temperance: gout patients to temperance.
11, soy products: You can eat a little amount. Some scholars Statistics found that in all of causing gout attacks gout given the incentive, the most common beer accounted for 2%, followed by seafood, offal food, and gout diet soy products are rarely caused by gout .
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