Gout diet

For gout patients who need to understand a variety of diet purine content according to the amount of diet is divided into the following four categories.
(1) No purine purine content of fdiet small (less than 20mg / 100g) or non-Han Piaoling diet.
Cereals: rice, fine rice, millet, corn, refined wheat flour, strong flour, refined white bread, steamed bread, macaroni, noodles, thin noodles, soda crackers.
Vegetables: cabbage, carrot, white radish, celery, cabbage, eggplant, Sonchus arvensis, cabbage, lettuce, beans, pumpkins, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, turnip, sweet potato, yams, potatoes, pickles, pickled vegetables, seaweed , kelp, onions, shallots.
Eggs, dairy products: eggs are eggs, duck eggs, etc.; dairy products, a variety of fresh milk, condensed milk, cheese, yogurt, Mai Rujing, milk powder, honey.
Others: a variety of fruit and dry fruit (apple, walnut, apricot, pear, orange, grapes, millet, etc.), sugar and candy, various beverages, including soft drinks, tea, chocolate, coffee, cocoa, all kinds of oils, peanut butter, agar jelly, jam, lotus root starch.

(2) low-purine diet purine content per 100g diet <75mg.
Vegetables: asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, peas, green beans, snow peas, beans, soybeans, peanuts, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, garlic.
Fish, shellfish: mackerel, herring, shad, tuna, white fish, crucian carp, lobsters, crabs and oysters.
Livestock categories: chicken, ham, lamb, beef soup.
Others: oatmeal, wheat bran, bread, vegetable oil, nuts and so on.
(3) for every 100g of diet purine content in diet purine 75 ~ 150mg.
Fish: carp, cod, halibut, sea bass, barracuda, mackerel, eel and eel and so on.
Meat: smoked ham, pork, beef, ox tongue, veal, duck, pigeons, quails, pheasants, rabbits, lamb, venison, turkey and so on.
Others: shellfish, lentils and so on.

(4) High-purine diet purine content in diet per 100g for the 150 ~ 1000mg.
Pancreas (825mg); anchovy (363mg); sardines (295mg); bovine liver (233mg); bovine kidney (200mg); animal brain (195mg); gravy (160 ~ 400mg); pig intestine, pig stomach (190mg ); meat brine not the same with different content of food.
Medicine that the acute phase of common joint disease gout local red, swelling, heat, pain, mostly hot and humid Bizu card, this period of adjustment mainly Expelling dampness heat; remission joint swelling and pain commonly repeated attack, the course of time unhealed, joint gout can occur around the stone, or there stiff joints, deformity, limited mobility, mostly Spleen dampness card or liver and kidney deficiency syndromes, this period of adjustment Expelling spleen dampness or nourishing liver and kidney-based . Of this disease in drug treatment at the same time, targeted use of appropriate gout diet, and sometimes receive a better effect.

1. Congee take lily lotus lily Adlay 30g, Yi Ren 30g, lotus seed 25g, rice 100g. Be Lily, Pearl Barley, lotus seeds cleaned, soaked in water 2 to 3 hours, panning clean rice soaked in water for half an hour later, and then mix the three, plus with the amount of water to boiling down, into a thick porridge, after sub - eat twice. In the acute stage of gout can insist that eating every day.

2. Adlay take Adlay yam porridge Wolfberry 60g, Chinese yam medicine 30g, medlar 30g, Gorgon 15g, rice 100g. Be Adlay, Chinese yam, Chinese wolfberry, Gorgon cleaned, soaked in water 2 to 3 hours, panning clean rice soaked in water for half an hour later, and then mix the three, plus with the amount of water to boiling down, into a thick porridge twice after eating. In the remission period of gout can insist that eating every day.
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