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Rural school notes (excerpt)

Mayme Severscike, Teacher
School started again Monday, January 5, after a two weeks vacation.

[...]The upper grades wrote Christmas stories before Christmas vacation. Anna Johnson's paper was selected as best.[...]

Ned's Christmas Tree
by Anna Johnson

Ned, a young boy, lived with his mother in town. Now Ned wasn't the only one in the family, he had a little sister whose name was Mary. Mary did not go to school but Ned was in the fourth grade. Through the summer Ned mowed lawns for people and did other work so he could earn money for a Christmas tree, and also some for the presents he wanted to give. Ned didn't want Mary to see the tree before Christmas evening, and so he hid it in a room. Ned would not have time to decorate it so he asked his mother if she would fix it. She said she would. Ned's mother was going to give Mary a large doll because that's what she wanted, and Ned a large sled to coast on. She also gave them many other things, but these two were the main things. Now Ned did not believe in Santa Claus, he said they were trying to fool him. Mary thought that she would like to see Santa Claus, so the evening before Christmas she decided not to go to sleep. Mary really couldn't go to sleep because she was so busy thinking about what Santa Claus would give her. It was about ten o'clock and she yet had not gone to sleep. Now there came a knock at the door and Mary got frightened, she covered her head and crawled into the middle of the bed. Mary heard a terrible noise and nearly was crying, when at last she thought that she would scare him so she called out aloud, "Run away you naughty man, you never give me anything nice anyway." In the morning when she awoke there was a Christmas tree by her bed and all her Christmas presents. In the evening they had candy and other things to eat. That was the best Christmas they ever had.

This article was first published on January 22, 1931 on page 5 of the Roland Record (Roland, Story Co., IA)