Gould's Tower Defense

A Strategic Game of Defense 

Version 2.0: 2-17-08: A cheat mode has been added. After you beat the game once (on any map) the option to play in "cheat mode" will be given. This option gives you 10,000,000 resources and r&d points and allows you to choose the enemies' life each round.

Game Description: This is a strategy game based on the traditional and popular tower defense framework. The goal is to purchase and build towers that will attack the invading aliens that run along the paths. If an alien is able to reach the city before you kill it, you will lose a life. Lose all of your lives and it's GAME OVER!

Bonus Breakdown: These are ways to receive bonus points.

Kill all of the enemies in a level:

- This is how you receive R&D points which can be used to improve your tower's upgrade values

- You will also receive bonus resources based on the level.

Retained resources at the end of a round:

- You are awarded 5% interest on the resources you have after you have killed all enemies in a level.

Game Completion:

- When you have beat the game bonus score points are awarded based on how many lives and resources you have remaining.

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