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Goulbourn Township now part of the city of Ottawa was named in 1816 for Henry Goulbourn, Undersecretary of State for War and the Colonies from 1812 to 1826. 

After the War of 1812, loyal settlers were sought to populate Upper Canada (now Ontario). The United Empire Loyalists, who initially settled areas further south and west in Upper Canada were regarded with increasing suspicion after the American Revolution. Beginning in 1816, surveys were undertaken for the townships of Bathurst, Drummond, Beckwith in adjoinging Lanark County and Goulbourn in Carleton County. Military settlements were established at Perth at the south-west corner of Drummond and Richmond at the south-east corner of Goulbourn.  A road between the Richmond and Perth  followed the fourth concession of Goulbourn and Beckwith as far as Franktown, where it angled two miles south to the second concession of Drummond was established early on and became a well travelled route.   Hotels were established at both Franktown and Prospect to serve  those early travellers. 

In 1818, the 99th Regiment of Foot Soldiers, which had been a consolidation of the older 99th and 100th Regiments stationed in Quebec was disbanded. The discharged soldiers were given a choice of a passage home to Ireland or encouraged to remain in Canada where they would receive free land. Beginning in 1818 the discharged officers and soldiers began settling lands surrounding Richmond. 

This website provides lists of the descendants of the some of the settlers of Goulbourn Township. The choice of families included on this site is simply pragmatic, starting with the web-master's direct ancestors. Often other family researchers have more complete records. Based on his / her lineage, an individual may appear on numerous pages in this web site. A feature of this web site is that each person has a unique identification number which follows them from page to page.

Belden's 1879 Map of Goulbourn Township

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