Carefully chosen topics - cutting edge science that will make you gasp

Gene editing
  • How disease causing genes can be sliced out of the genome
  • How this new gene editing technology exactly works - explained simply
  • Could it lead to 'designer babies'?
New treatments for ectopic pregnancy
  • Hear about the exciting development of a new generation treatment from preclinical concept to a large phase III clinical trial
Fetal surgery
  • New approaches to develop better treatment for fetuses in trouble in utero
New blood tests to avert stillbirth
  • How a simple blood test has the potential to identify fetuses' critically starved of oxygen and at imminent risk of stillbirth
New ways to monitor fetal health
  • Are there new approaches to help us better monitor the health of the fetus in utero?
The hottest leads in the world of neonatology research
  • A round up of the most exciting leads from two international giants in neonatology research
How mum's genetic code influences pregnancy outcomes
  • How microarray technology interrogating the mother's genome are yielding exciting new insights into the interaction between her DNA and her risk of pregnancy complications
The microbiome and probiotics
  • The microbiome - explained simply
  • The rationale behind the new practice of 'vaginal seeding' 
  • Large randomised clinical trial of probiotics
Nanoparticle delivery of drugs
  • How drugs can be delivered specifically to the placenta to treat major pregnancy complications
Gene therapy to rescue growth restriction
  • Hear about the EVERREST Trial from the lead author herself - a six million euro research trial.
New treatments for preterm birth
  • Drug development strategies to stop premature uterine contractions that leads to preterm birth
  • Novel drugs to protect fetuses who have suffered preterm rupture of their membranes
The brave new world of patient choice, inductions and caesarean sections on demand
  • Be unsettled by the evidence pointing to the fact this may be more reasonable than you might think
A round up of the most important clinical trials in obstetrics running across the world
  •  Summarised by 'Mr Randomised clinical Trial' - Professor Ben Mol
New treatments for preeclampsia
  • There may be hope to find a treatment that can quench the disease without needing to actually deliver the fetus
and much much more.....