Mercy Global Obstetric Update 2016 - Science

Hear about the astounding breakthroughs that are just around the corner

World authorities will amaze you with how we will be practicing tomorrow...
Nanoparticle delivery of drugs direct to the placenta
New generation drugs to stop the prematurely contracting uterus
New therapies for premature rupture of membranes
The latest in ultrasound diagnostics
Gene therapy to treat severe preterm fetal growth restriction
The microbiome: what is the idea behind vaginal seeding?
New generation treatments to cure ectopic pregnancies
New approaches to developing treatments for preeclampsia
New horizons in fetal surgery
and much more
Entertaining talks, one after the other - pitched to clinicians and scientists - there won't be a single dry talk: all speakers hand selected by the GOU team!

Our roll call of eminent invited speakers

A/Professor Anna David, University College London
Professor Jane Norman, University of Edinburgh
Professor Andrew Horne, University of Edinburgh
A/Professor Craig Pennell, University of Western Australia
Professor Ben Mol, University of Adelaide
Professor John Newnham, University of Western Australia
Professor Roger Smith, University of Newcastle
Professor Gus Dekker, University of Adelaide
Professor Jeff Keelan, University of Western Australia
Doctor Ryan Hodges, Hudson Institute, Melbourne
Professor Jon Hyett, The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Professor Jonathan Morris, The Kolling Institute, University of Sydney
Professor Lex Doyle, The University of Melbourne
A/Professor Jeanie Cheong, University of Melbourne
Doctor Jenny Myers, The University of Manchester

 A different way to run a conference
Engaging moderators -  Run by Alison, Sue, Lisa and Stephen - the team that brought you GOU 2015
Indulgent food - flavours from the chefs from Park Hyatt to go with the sumptuous talks
Mix with the experts -  meet and greet during breaks
GOU 2016 Gala Dinner - Just $50 gets you in to meet and mingle
Surprise events planned - nothing more to say 
ONLY 500 spots - don't miss out
To make the Mercy Global Obstetric Update an intimate affair to be long remembered, we will again opt for the spacious ballroom at Park Hyatt rather than a large stadium seating venue.  Get in early...
Proudly hosted by the Mercy Hospital for Women