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wanna become a licensed auto broker ???

posted Nov 5, 2011, 2:15 PM by J W

are you ready to get licensed as an autobroker ???

if you have a knack for customer service
consider becoming a licensed autobroker
with the california dmv

we make it simple for you

our car dealer education class is the first step to
an autobroker endorsement with the california dmv
the broker endorsement on your car dealer license
allows you to collect a fee when you assist a
car buyer with a vehicle purchase
from any licensed dealer ( new or used vehicles )
as a matter of fact,
licensed brokers
are the only licensed entity
allowed to make a vehicle delivery
direct to the buyer at their home, workplace or office.
The concept behind hiring an auto broker is relatively simple:
you’re not a professional car buyer, so why go up against a professional car seller alone?
With the confusion of financing, fees, add-ons, taxes and the hurried, jargon-filled nature of the dealership, it only makes sense to leave the bargaining to someone who won’t be fazed by the wheeling and dealing.
Fees for these services can start at $200 and can go as high as $1,000 normally, based on the car you’re brokering and whether it is a new or used model.
Used cars and rare cars tend to carry a higher fee since it takes more legwork to locate a good deal; although, you’ll likely see an even deeper discount from the buyers
best walkin price thanks to regional differences in used car prices.
learn how to become a
licensed california autobroker
with our one day class
prices start as low as $ 100.
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successful auto brokering is all about good car dealer education
good luck

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car dealer surety bond

posted Oct 23, 2009, 12:21 AM by J W   [ updated Nov 5, 2011, 1:21 PM ]

we call the dealer surety bond

a pretty pot of gold that

you must create and present to the dmv

it is a promise to three agencies of state government

the bond has a 12 month coverage period

with a three year claims period

for example:

2011 sales are covered thru 2014

by posting a bond you promise to:

always pay the dmv for fees and penalties

always pay the board of equalization its sales tax

honor all judicial orders for repayment

if you break your promise

the agency exercises your bond

the bond company makes payment to the agency

and you must make immediate repayment to the bond company

old school dealers have

posted cash or savings

with a 3 year hold after you close the business

new school rents the money from the bond company

with the bond premium based on the collective credit of the owners

wholesale only dealers with 24 sales per year or less can post a $ 10k bond

with premiums starting @ $ 350 per year

wholesale dealers above 24 sales per year or retail dealers

must post a $ 50k bond

with premiums starting at $ 1500 per year

multiple year purchases are available with some discount

premiums for those with poor credit can exceed $ 8k per year with a $ 8k deposit

we suggest you contact michael

( 714-797-5780 )

for an immediate bond quote

good luck




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