Developer, Realtor, Business Consultant

Building Contractor
My Work as Developer - Senior Project Manager for RCG-LLC
My Work as Builder and Developer while 
President of Infinity Construction   

My Home
which I designed, developed, furnished and photographed

My Work as a Realtor®  -Potential Project:  Single Family Rehab
I provide detailed market analysis, have expertise with Short Sales 
I build unique websites for client's property, individuals and  businesses. 
Business Consultant
   "Big Picture Guy"

"He always asks the best questions."

Consistent description and quote from numerous clients


 A Creative Approach


What is the highest and best use of your time using all of the assets at your disposal?   My goal is to serve people, businesses and institutions who wish to perform at their best.   My service gives individuals, partnerships, corporations and non-profit organizations the opportunity to be the  best at what they do.  I provide a creative approach to life, business and real estate. 

I have first hand practical experience in creating and doing business with many disciplines of industry.  I can help you start, hire and supervise regarding:


●   Starting Businesses

●   Business Planning and Presentation

        For start-ups and 200 year old institutions, 

  Budgeting & Estimating,


        Graphic art, site planning, buildings & websites, 




  Real Estate Purchases, Sales and Ownership,

  Real Estate Development,

  Contract Negotiations with





        General Contractors,

        Trade Sub-Contractors


        Home Owners

  Project Management  

        Residential and commercial to 125,000 sqft

  Public approval,



  Bookkeeping especially cost accounting,

  Property Management,

  Rentals, and

●   Sales





Detailed Analysis and “Thinking outside the box”


I trouble shoot and teach by documenting and analyzing problems and successes.  I provide problem solutions and a vision based on aggregate and highest standards of each discipline.  Beyond the knowledge of industry standards, I bring an ability consistently to think outside the box with an acute awareness of historical and macroeconomic trends. 


My clients and their professional advisers have always said that I provide real demonstrable value especially at the beginning of projects. When the future is clouded with uncertainty or perched for failure due to unbridled optimism, I bring clarity of purpose, resources, guidelines, accountability and consequences.