Handle Tub Faucet Repair

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handle tub faucet repair Hall Bath Plumbing - Before
Hall Bath Plumbing - Before
It all started with a leaking faucet... And then I discovered the drain was disconnected and just spewing onto the earth under my foundation (again!), and then I decided I was sick of repairing the old three-handle valve, and then I decided to actually repair the moldy walls. First I greatly enlarged the hole in the coat closet back wall to both provide ample working space for the supply and waste lines, and to cut out all of the drywall that was showing signs of mold from the constant wetness in that space. You can see the even worse mold on the inside of the tub wall, and I'd already torn some of the worst paper backing off. (Note: all the little spots on the wall above the big black moldy patches are roach poo. Yummy. Welcome to Houston!)
handle bars
handle bars
handle bars almost done just got to cut to length .