a general purpose messaging and notification program

Dzen moved to github this page and the wiki are as well subject to move in the next couple of weeks.


Dzen is a general purpose messaging, notification and menuing program for X11. It was designed to be scriptable in any language and integrate well with window managers like dwm, wmii and xmonad though it will work with any windowmanger.


  • Small, fast, very tiny set of dependencies (Xlib only by default)
  • Scriptable in any language
  • Sophisticated formating language - including colours, icons, graphics
  • Versatile - display all sorts of information
  • Interactive - user defined mouse and keyboard actions
  • Optional XFT support
  • Optional XINERAMA support



  • Xlib header files
  • optionally XFT and/or XINERAMA headers

Latest stable version: dzen2-0.8.5.tar.gz

Development version:

Run the following command to fetch it:

git clone

Browse dzen's repository on Github


svn checkout dzen

Browse svn repository

Dzen is available through the package managers of many Linux and BSD distributions.


The basic documentation ressource is dzen's README file

For more andvanced topics and ready to use scripts be sure to have a look at the Dzen Wiki.

The wiki also holds a lot of information on the development version and documents the usage of bleeding edge features that did not make it into the README, yet.

Screen Shots

Obligatory screenshots to get you an idea of what dzen can be used for.

Basic statusbar and calendar:

A more sophisticated Xinerama enabled statusbar and irrsi notification:

Menu and conky-integrated statusbar:

Music player widget:

Cpu graph widget:

Progress bars:

More user contributed screen shots on the wiki

Community & Contact

Bug reports, patches and feature request can be sent to:
rob dot manea at gmail dot com

Usually I'm hanging around in these IRC channels:

Server : #dzen #dwm

Server #xmonad

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