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Welcome on the Home Page of the Gotland Alliance. This website reflects the results of the Think Tank work of several groups and individuals interested in the social, cultural & politic problems of NORDEUROPA, the Northern-Europe and this in a confederal spirit. It started in November 2010 after a meeting of people of Flanders and Germany and it remains of course fully open to people and organizations of continental Nordeuropa. The international working language will be Continental English and texts will of course also be published locally in the respective languages of the members. Discover in the following page how far the notion of NORDEUROPA has already been developped : Click ! or go to http://www.nordeuropa-aktuell.eu .

The reference to Gotland, in fact the Island of Gotland, in the middle of the BalticOst Sea, was evident : It has been the starting point of the spreading of the Nordic Seamen in North & North-East Europe, it has been the launching place of The Old Hanseatic Hansa - from which its revival is for us a keystone element - and it is also more or less in the middle of the Protestant area being for us a sensibility relatively close to our own ethic.

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ECONOMY : Positive Capitalisms
The Gotland Alliance takes side clearly against the Pure Cold un-Human Financial & Speculating Capitalism, without willing to refer to Socialism. We have already clear ideas about the ways to analyze the relation between the Capital and the Society. We propose you to surf to the Page : POSITIVE CAPITALISMS - Click !

POLITIC : Green Tea Party Int'l.
The Rage about the american Tea Party phenomenon, during the vote period of mi-term of Obama (November 2010) was interesting. It has a taste of "Poujadism" (Workers & Middle Class together) that has been at a certain moment successful in France a few decades ago. The French experience remain an unclear "Populism" and has been later dissolved in the classic Left & Right politic due to lack of a real social program with a clear line. It is this 4th way that we intend to propose with the GREEN TEA PARTY International that we invite you to discover at the following page : GREEN TEA PARTY INT'L. - Click ! 

The Chairman of The Gotland Alliance is Brandy-Hans van PARIJS, located in Brussels. He will also be responsible of the coordination of our activities in the domains of Ethic, Tradition & Leisure with the activity of "The Gotland Seminary". If you feel personally more involved by those aspects than for the classic social, economic & political problems, you can contact him directly by e-mail to : Brandy.Hans@gmail.com. - Go to the Page : THE GOTLAND SEMINARY - Click !

We invite our Nordeuropean members and friends to participate directly to the actual existing Hanseatic Revival that can be found on internet under the name of www.hanse.org and, if possible, to participate to their Annual Hanseatic Days that are each year organized in another city of the Old Hansa. This area is very similar to our reference of Nordeuropa. The Hansa Sail of Rostock will also be one of our reference points : www.hansesail.com . Others will be added later.

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