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Exclusive Interview with Suhas Sundar, Co-Founder and Editor of Level 10 Comics!

posted Mar 11, 2011, 10:23 PM by Nishkarsh Chugh   [ updated Mar 11, 2011, 11:07 PM ]
Suhas Sundar, a B'lore based comic lover and chess expert who was recognized by a smirk (refer to his photo below) on his face, co-founded Level 10 Comics with Shreyas Srinivas in 2009. Comic JUMP is the only Indian monthly Comic Anthology, featuring 3-4 comics of distinct genres, writers and artists every month, priced at Rs.60 only. Suhas is also editor of JUMP and writer of The Rabha's Incident, one of the regular stories in JUMP. Their (Shreyas' and Suhas')  success was witnessed at the 1st Indian Annual Comic Con when L10 was completely sold out on the first day itself! So, here is another exclusive interview with Mr.Suhas Sundar (Sir) :D

Suhas Sundar

Co-Founder/ Writer/ Editor

xClusive Interview
By Nishkarsh Chugh
Q.1: How does it feel being sold out on the first day of the Con?
Feel great of course, and it was certainly unexpected. We shall be better prepared at the next Comic Con :)

Q.2: Apart from the sales, how was your overall Comicon experience?
It was the best! For the first time we got a chance to interact with fans at the ground level. As a fellow comic lover, another high light was of course meeting with like minded people and discussing comics. Something we don't get to do on a regular basis!

Q.3: What are your future plans for Volume 2 of Jump?
Well we have introduced a new series. We shall gauge the response to it. This season is important from a distribution and availability perspective and we want to make sure our comics are readily available and accessible to fans pan India.

Q.4: I heard that The Rabha's Incident is going to end soon. First of all WHY? Secondly, which titles are going to replace it?
Rabhas Incident is a limited series. Rafeeq has only a few days to finish his mission and get out of the city. This is something that was conveyed right from Issue 1. It would be easy for us to keep Rabhas going, but that would be cheating the reader, we need to resolve a story, bring it to its natural conclusion. Rabhas on the whole is more about the virus, so the theme will not necessarily end and we will revisit with more stories around the Rabhas virus in the future.

Q.5: What's your message to fans?
Its a good time to be a comic fan in India, with more options coming up everyday. I would request all fans to not only go out and get our comics, but to tell their friends, their families to get on board as well. It will take a lot of readers and certainly more than a single company to create a positive change in the Indian Comic scene. We are doing our level "10" best, but at the end of the day, we need fans like you to help us get the visibility and patronage that will ensure a flourishing line up of world class sequential content of Indian Origin!