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Exclusive Interview with Kshiraj Telang; Amazing Animator, Awesome Artist and EPIC Tim Burton Fan!

posted Feb 15, 2011, 2:14 AM by Nishkarsh Chugh   [ updated Feb 18, 2011, 9:49 AM ]
GCI gets an interview with Kshiraj Telang,  an amazing animator and artist, who'll be having stall (no. 8) at the con, and also launching Duckie Doggie, random ramblings of a pug owner- a new web comic by him. Let's see what he plans for the convention. :)


Artist/ Animator

xClusive Interview
By Nishkarsh Chugh
Q.1: What are you going to do at Comic Con?
I'm making my participation at Comic Con India by taking up an artist stall. I'll be promoting my services, discussing cartoons, answering questions from cartooning and animation aspirant students and will look forward to collaboration opportunities and/or networking.
Q.2: Do you think your our Comic Con can match other ones especially San Diego Comic Con?
It won't be justified to compare our Comic Con with SDCC or similar at this point of time. It is visible that ours is making a debut and the others are there since more than decades. However, I am optimistic that with a continued support and good management drive, we will succeed in making it a giant one some day.
Q.3: What is your favorite comic?
I enjoy reading Raj Comics and Diamond Comics the most (if we talk about stuffs from India). My favorite characters are Doga, Super Commondo Dhruv, Billu and Raman. In western reading, I follow Spider Man (especially when done by Humberto Ramos) and whichever comics Ben Caldwell makes.
Q.4: How do comics inspire you?
Comics still follow a unique approach towards storytelling which stands too different from sequential animation frames. At times, reading comics becomes much more entertainer to me than watching a feature film at any cinema hall. I don't just aspire to become a great comic artist someday (because I am also an animation professional), but yes, doing comics is fun to me too, and I'd hope that I make them more in future.
Q.5: What's your message to the comic fans coming at the con?
I would hope that the comic fans who come to Con or follow it from outside, extend their love and support to this medium not just for two days, but for the rest of the 363 days from a Calendar cycle as none of us would want this medium to become extinct someday.