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Exclusive Interview with Mr.Karan Vir, C.E.O of Vimanika!

posted Nov 2, 2010, 8:06 AM by Nishkarsh Chugh   [ updated Nov 3, 2010, 7:57 AM ]
In a global industry dominated by the US, Japan and France, an Indian publisher is faced with the challenge of entering a field that is rather limited in the country. Though the Indian comics industry is considered to be around 60 years old, with about one million copies being published every year, indigenous characters are yet to grab the attention that their counterparts in other countries have.

Entering such uncharted territory, one young and vibrant entrepreneur decided to launch an Indian comics company on the lines of international giants like DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics. With thoughts revolving around the superheroes of DC and Marvel, and the courageous exploits of Vishnu, Hanuman and Krishna, Karan Vir Arora founded Vimanika Edutainment Pvt Ltd. He has definitely come a long way. But his journey is ‘yet to begin’. This lad in his late 20s is poised to add verve to Indian comics industry with his start-up: Vimanika. He’s audacious, challenging and smart. His ambition: To make Vimanika, within 5 years, ‘DC of India’. Will he live to his promise?
So, here we bring you the exclusive interview of Mr.Karan Vir Arora.
By Nishkarsh Chugh

Q.1: What do you expect from "I am Kalki"?
Basically I want it to be a phenomena, I want Kalki to be a hero God that replaces all other boy heroes from comic series to cartoons on Television in a more radical way. I am Kalki is a very relate able title as it is from our own history.
Also Kalki is more like all our other characters like real time Heroes ,realistic heroes more than just superheroes they are heroes which you can relate too -so as you relate to Karna in your own way you will also relate to kalki in subtle -spiritual way.

Q.2: Do you think it will succeed like your other titles?
Yes, it will. It will more than succeed. I am Kalki is as good as and even better than our other titles as it is a contemporary title. It's about a boy that eventually becomes a demigod and does the thing what he has to, as he's an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Q.3: Do you agree with the fact that your comics are a little expensive?
No, as compared to others, our cost is very reasonable. The price is very cheap in exchange to the print quality art and color quality you are getting in each of our comic pages they are all at international standards

Q.4: o you know about Virgin/Liquid's Comics' "Project Kalki"?..If yes, which one is better?
Yes, I know about Virgin/Liquid's Comics' "Project Kalki". I would not compare both of the titles as both of them are narrated in very different way. But I think "I am Kalki" will blow everything. Kalki's going to be the second bes after The Sixth. It is 10 times interesting than other graphic novels. It isn't boring, very relatable and has many characters.

Q.5: What's your message to fans?
Well, my message to my fans is that you should read comics which are original with original sketching, penciling and coloring rather than those which are rip-offs of English stories. Those who are doing this are actually encouraging the wrong thing and the Indian Standard of Comics will go lower and lower because of this as they are not creative. You should read Comics and Graphic Novels which have very good artwork, very good coloring and are of high standard. Well that's my message to the fans.