How impatience turned into my veil/headpiece... 

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I knew I either didn't want a veil (outdoor wedding), or wanted an alternative at best.  I love what I ended up with- which was inspired by a wire flower hairclip I saw on Etsy. I contacted the seller, because I wanted to know if she could make it in gold wire, with crystal and pearl beads. Hers was very plain, a different shape, and silvertone.

Well, she took two days to get back to me.

And in those two days, I went out, purchased the materials and taught myself how to make something similar, and better.  Impatient much?  Well, it paid off. That was just for the wire flower portion. Later, I decided to add some french netting to it as a modified birdcage veil.

Gold wire, crystal beads, small iridescent beads and pearls were purchased from Michaels, JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby. The french netting was ordered from Judith M Millinery. It can be found by searching for "Russian Netting" on that site- order the plain version, not the chenille.

Here are pics of the project in process:


And a pic of the final product on me: