How can Gossamer Health be implemented to meet the ILI syndromic surveillance needs for state and local health jurisdictions?

1)      Gossamer Health can be implemented at a local or state health jurisdiction to receive syndromic surveillance from hospitals in the jurisdiction

2)      Gossamer Health can run in a cloud computing environment, such as Amazon EC2, to provide a hosted solution to jurisdictions that want to voluntarily participate in syndromic surveillance networks but want to free themselves from technical administration of an information system

3)   Gossamer Health installations can share data with other Gossamer Health installations to create regional views of data through the Gossamer Health IONS architecture

What is the future of Gossamer Health?

The Gossamer Health road map is under development but we are re-factoring the current Gossamer Health infrastructure into three modules:

1) Gossamer Health HL7 Message Exchanger to transform and transmit health information from clinical settings to data collecting public health jurisdictions. The availability of this functionality is important to enable clinical providers within local health jurisdictions to comply with Meaningful Use requirements

    2) Gossamer Health/Classifier to process and map collected health information into syndrome definitions

    3) Gossamer Health/Analysis, Visualization and Reporting (AVR) to receive, transform, and store data, and to allow those data to be extracted, analyzed, and visualized using both local and Cloud tools. The AVR module
will integrate multiple different data feeds that are controlled by state and local health jurisdictions as these jurisdictions participate in Independently Organized Networks of Surveillance (IONS) to monitor different health indicators.

Does Gossamer Health satisfy Federal Meaningful Use (MU) requirements for syndromic surveillance for health care providers and facilities?

Yes - as part of the solution. Gossamer Health can be used by public health to receive syndromic surveillance data as HL7 messages, so health care partners sending those data can meet the Syndromic Surveillance MU criteria.  Gossamer Health can also be used as a technical approach to support a state or local syndromic surveillance program, by receiving, combining, displaying, and exporting those data in standard formats. Gossamer Health is one of many ways a state or local health department may choose to implement syndromic, or indicator-based surveillance.  Gossamer Health may help jurisdictions that are starting up a new program or are looking for tools to help them contribute to national or other collaboratives (Biosense, Distribute, etc.). Hospitals and Eligible Professionals should check with their public health officials as to what solutions have been identified in their jurisdictions.

Does Gossamer Health compete with Federal efforts to coordinate syndromic surveillance?

No. Gossamer Health is an information technology that represents an effort to support local syndromic surveillance that is complementary to Federal efforts to create a national syndromic surveillance network.