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Release Log

(needs to be updated with 2.0.1 through 2.0.5)

Roadmap:  Gossamer Health Version 2.0

  • Gossamer Health 2.0 to be released as a set of light weight turnkey virtual machine appliances

Gossamer Health Version 1.9.1 (5/1/11)

Gossamer Health Version 1.7.0-1.7.6 (live 3/07/11)

Added alphabetical menu ordering on interactive visualizations page. A radio button allows the user to toggle between geographical ordering based on federal region, and alphabetical ordering. The alphabetical ordering is based on a system configurable index. This index allows us, for example to order "Jurisdiction A – Region 1" as "Region 1" rather than "Jurisdiction A".
"Download Descriptive Data" from jurisdiction information now includes a number of formulas in the lower left corner tallying a variety of contained statistics.
The user now remains logged in after closing their browser. A logout button now appears at upper right corner of every page. Configurable timeout is implemented.
Gastro time series graphs added as a new feature. A "triple" graph that contains lines for ratio, count, and total on the same chart also added.
Menu structure simplified with "Daily" and "Weekly" time series links being combined. Menus on the time series graphs page allow selection of the period and the graph type ("ILI", "Gastro", or "Triple").
Interactive visualizations link changed to go directly to the graph page. The "Jurisdiction" radio choice is changed to "Compare Jurisdictions". The link used to point to an intermediary page. This change reduces the number of clicks needed to create graphs.
Items in the drop down menu on the Interactive visualizations page are listed hierarchically, based on regional components.
Changed page headers with new images and added footer on the home page
New images that display uploads for the last "last 100 days" added to the data timeliness page
Google data calendars to visualize upload dates added as links from the data timeliness page
Fixed off-by-one error on data timeliness page
Updated documentation for timeliness page and Google calendar page on the documentation page

Gossamer Health Version 1.4.26-1.6.8 (live 11/01/10)

Several iterations of minor text changes and internal configuration changes
Added enhancements to interactive visualizations customized graphs
Added compound jurisdiction chart that visualizes compound jurisdiction views and component jurisdictions that comprise each compound jurisdiction view (for example: regional aggregations of individual jurisdictions)
Added a link to the new graph is at the top of the data timeliness page
Added tooltips with role information on role choice checkboxes in the header of every page
Added derivedIndicators, postProcessors, and weighting reseach page
Added internalNotes to jurisdiction information page
Fixed bug: interactive visualizations "ageGroup" graphs
Merged timeliness table contents into jurisdiction information
Added role switching
Jurisdiction information cosmetics in language to describe syndromes, "Preferred Syndrome" versus "Primary Syndrome", etc.
Implemented the use of Google graphs on heat maps page
Jurisdiction-wide display improvements
Implemented the use of Google Graphs API to generate daily and weekly time series graphs
Added menu to jurisdiction information page
Corrected sorting in jurisdiction menus
Added composite jurisdiction visualizations
Deprecated Excel data download link
Added Excel data download links to daily and weekly graph pages, on the contributors” jurisdiction only. These links are only shown and accessible to users who are logged in.
Jurisdiction information expanded to include “last metadata change date”.
Jurisdiction metadata edit API extended to include technical and epidemiologist contacts
Extended both "metadata" and "data" APIs to take a format parameter.

Gossamer Health Version 1.4.14-1.4.25 (live 12/22/09)

Several iterations of minor text changes and internal configuration changes
Added data quality table
Added second acuity graph above first with total visits in denominator
Fixed entity display error in legend
Added stratification by jurisdiction to stratified-graphs
Added capability to generate custom graphs on production
Jurisdictions that want to swap "fever" and "fever2" references can swap data during the import process; API users are no longer required to swap them
Jurisdiction information improvements:
- hide confusing “PrimarySyndrome” field
- added note field
- renamed “Access” to “Availability”
- renamed “CoverageDescription” to “ClinicalSource”
- renamed “StatusDescription” to “DataSourceCharacteristics”
Contributor home page now dynamically driven by participating list of jurisdictions
Perl development environment improvement for working with API
Added acuity graphs stratified by age group for febrile patients
Added second stratified graph for ageGroup, temperature and dispostion, with strata total visits in denominator
Added accuity graphs stratified by age group for admits
Driving regions section off DB.
Data to CSV: added receivedSiteCode to id-codebook.csv file
Enhanced stratified-graphs.
Added “isEnabled” column to dataSites.
Improved daily job to track syndromes per dataSite.
Fixed IE problems in stratified-graphs.
Use dataSites.inCsvExtract column to determine of whether a jurisdictions data should be included in the csv file.
New script for updating compound jurisdictions data.
Enhancements to authenticated API services.
Jurisdiction information pages on production (accessible to authenticated users only).
Automated email alerts for gaps in uploads (jurisdiction-specific).

Gossamer Health Version 1.1-1.4.13 (live 10/29/09)

Several iterations of minor text changes and internal configuration changes
Jurisdiction list is now read directly from the database
Text change: "ratio" changed to "proportion"
Indicator stratification added to stratified-vis
Preview jurisdictions added to stratified-vis (on preview jurisdiction only)
Debug capability added on preview jurisdiction
Added interactive visualizations stratified by temperature, disposition and age group
Disclaimer capability added
subSiteIds again available in Webservice API
Database schema change for new jurisdictions table
Added additional public Webservice API for accessing weekly data in aggregate.
Login to contributor jurisdiction link removes parent frame to avoid 3rd party cookie issues.
Authentication (WAYF) page detects if cookies are disabled or being blocked
Added enhanced jurisdiction preview capability
Graphs and anchors are now alphabetically listed
TERS Heat Map page now includes aligned graphs
Refactored of code
Implemented new visualization API Fixed broken links for daily and weekly graphs on new visualization pages
Changed labels for graph groups
Added Subversion revision number to linked sidebar version number
Stylesheet code cleanup
Graphs for Region/City split out
Release Notes file added
Graphs separated by geographic type
Several iterations of minor text changes and  internal configuration changeAdded API to act as a google data source
Added Google visualizations
Code in subversion

    Gossamer Health Version 1.0 (Live 4/25/09)

Two system flavors:
  1. Production system code
  2. HIMSS implementation with simulated data and fabricated demonstration sites developed 3/2009 to demonstrate NHIN gateway used for transmission and receipt of data