What do the scriptures say about ...?
This site is dedicated to identifying what the Gospel says about various topics.  An index of topics is provided on the menu to the left.
One aspect that is also included with the topics are the consistencies between the Old and New Testaments.  God's Word does not change, so if something is mentioned in the New Testament, it should also be mentioned directly or as a type and shadow in the Old Testament.  Some topics may also include statements of beliefs from various denominations as a means to compare and contrast interpretations of the Gospel.  Book of Mormon verses are included as part of the comparison of beliefs.  Some denominations have not issued formal statements about their interpretation of some concepts, but every attempt is made to identify an authoritative source.
Is there any confusion about what the scriptures say or mean?
No.  Please read the discussion about consistency in the scriptures.
  The light of the gospel doesn't cause confusion, but it does shine a light on the confusion that already exists in and among us. We can forsake the confusion and follow the light and let it correct our understanding, or we can cling to our confusion and let the light slip away.  -- Betty Vickery  
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