Our Volunteers 2

Gospel Outreach Association- Our Lord's Volunteers 


Gospel Outreach has an oversight board in the United States. 
The board members are not compensated (all are volunteers). 
We work primarily with and through the indigenous peoples of Central & South America.
But the Lord has expanded this Ministry around the world.

401. Beebe & Amy Family - Ireland
On June 4th 2013 with their children, they left everything behind in the United States 
to pursue God's call and vision and moved to Limerick, Ireland to work on staff at World Outreach Christian Centre.  
There they have served as Associate Pastors as well as the Youth and Children’s Pastors for 4 years.
A few of their favorite ministry endeavors were organizing a city wide outreach in Limerick where 
over 2,000 gave their lives to Jesus. They also organized a regional youth event called Be Brave, 
encouraging youth in Western Ireland to be brave in sharing their faith in Christ.

They are currently in the process of planting a new church in the Dublin area which will impact the nation.

402. Donald & Angie Berg - Australia

Donald & Angie are Missionaries in Australia and we have been
blessed to send a Ministry Tool Box with over 1000 Bible studies to help their ministry.

403. Mark & Amy Coffey - South Africa 
The Coffey Family are Missionaries in South Africa and we have been blessed to send 
a Ministry Tool Box with over 1000 Bible studies to help their ministry.

Brain & Liesl have served our Lord with their Parents who where missionaries. They 
meet in Bible School and now with their family they are serving and a might way in Argentina.

405.  Jason & Lillian Beard - World Evangelist
Jason and family not only hold evangelist meetings all over the USA but travel the world
sharing our Lord.

406. Peter & Eneyde Duke - Mexico
The Duke's have served our Lord for many years in Mexico.

407. Rick & Gaylene Fannin - Philippines
Rick & Gaylene are serving our Lord in the Philippines with the Baptist Church.