Our Volunteers

Gospel Outreach Association- Our Lord's Volunteers


Gospel Outreach has an oversight board in the United States.
The board members are not compensated (all are volunteers).
We work primarily with and through the indigenous peoples of Central & South America.
But the Lord has expanded this Ministry around the world.
See below.

1. Pedro Bocel- Solola, Guatemala
Pedro came to Gospel Outreach with more than 15 years  of experience in translating. 
Pedro knows Spanish as well as 3 indigenous languages (Quiche, Cakchiquel, Tsutuwil).
He also has knowledge of film production.  Pedro translates biblical training seminars
into 3 indigenous languages (see Link).  He is already working on Christian and
morality-based radio dramas.  He shows gospel-oriented films along with a gospel
presentation. Many of his showings are in public schools!

Martin is involved in film ministry oversight as well as film directing. 
He shows gospel-oriented films along with a gospel presentation.
Martin is a pastor and is involved in church planting. 
He has been instrumental in bringing Gospel Outreach films and training to Cable TV. 

3. Carlos Enrique Garcia Solis- Pantanatic, Guatemala

Carlos is a film ministry leader.  He shows films along with a gospel presentation.
He shows bible study CDs.  Carlos also heads the voc-tech sheet metal shop and welding project.

4. Hugo Mendez- Chichicastenengo, Guatemala

Hugo is a film ministry leader.  He shows films along with a gospel presentation.
He is a local pastor.  Hugo shows films in remote villages and in public schools.
His outreach also includes Bible teaching classes on Cable TV.

5. Carlos M.- El Salvador

Carlos is a film ministry leader as well as a youth-pastor. 
He shows films in remote villages and in public schools along with a gospel presentation.
He is working on obtaining access to cable TV.  He is also a camera crew leader. 
Carlos has also recently started to produce Christian-oriented dramas on CDs and DVDs.

6. Kathy Robbert- Antigua, Guatemala

Kathy is a film ministry and Bible-study leader. 
She shows films in remote villages and in public schools along with a gospel presentation. 
Kathy is also a camera crew leader.  She provides Bible-skits and Bible-studies for use on cable TV.

7. Santiago Quiche- San Lucas, Guatemala

Santiago is a film ministry leader

8. Froylan Perez- Coastal Pacific, Guatemala

Froylan is a film ministry leader. 

9. Luis Gaitan- Aqua Escondida, Guatemala

Louis is a film ministry leader.  He is also a local pastor. 
He is involved in church planting.  And he is a camera crew leader.

10. Juan Chalcu- Panachel, Guatemala

Juan is a film ministry leader.  He is a camera crew leader.
Juan is also active in Bible-oriented drama productions

11. Joel Bocel- Solola, Guatemala

Joel is a camera leader who films all of the Bible Institute classes
(see Dr. Robin Garcia below for additional information on the Bible Institute)
as well as Bible Drama shots for movies.

12. Dr. Robin Garcia- Antigua, Guatemala

Dr. Garcia is a full-professor at a Guatemalan Bible institute.
He developed and teaches a curriculum for Gospel Outreach that is used  to help pastors 
(and others) deepen their understanding of God's Word. 
This was seen as a necessary development as it became clear that many pastors in remote villages 
lacked an in-depth understanding of the Word. The training seminar has 24 6-hour lessons 
(there is a certificate available for graduates). 
This has provided a train-the-trainer opportunity. 
The curriculum is provided in rural villages by those who have graduated. 
It is particularly helpful to those who can not afford to travel to a seminar location.

13. Pastor Rigoberto- Lepaeria, Honduras

Pastor Rigoberto is a film ministry leader in Honduras.
Pastor Rigoerto left this world and entered eternity do to a car accident on April 8th 2010 serving our Lord.
We are leaving his picture here as a memorial to his great service as his family continues in the ministry. 

14. Pastor Fredy Munzon – Rethaluleu Costa Sur, Guatemala

Pastor Fredy Munzon is a film ministry leader.

15.Pastor Robert Morelas

Cabel TV Villa Nueva 250,000 veiwers

16. Hansel Garcia – Coatepeque , Guatemala

Hansel is a film leader sharing Christian training films on the local
Cable TV in Coatepeque Gutemala to over 100,000 viewers a day.

17. Omar Lara - Guatemala

   Cable TV Guatemala

18. Pastor Jorge Mario Salguero with Martin
   Puerto San Jose Pastor Jorge is a film leader in the coast of Guatemala.

Capitan Fernando Saenz
Capitan Fernando is a film leader with a mission sharing Christian films in Africa.

20. Richard & Jocelyn Moore - Campinas Brazil
Richard & Jocelyn Moore are Missionaries in Campinas Brazil.
There primary mission is sharing and teaching Jesus to the street kids
in the city of Campinas and many of the local villages in the area.

21. Pablo Andres Lomas - Quito & Cayambe Ecuador

        Pablo Lomas is a projector group leader in Quito-Cayambe Ecuador.
Pablo has a great serving heart for our Lord, he also has a Christian Music Ministry
and visits many villages preforming in local churches, street ministry and youth camps.

22. Pedro Bocel's Second Group - Solola Guatemala

Pedro Bocel's Second Projector Group is shared by two groups.
The First group is from the Central America Esmirna Church they are Iguermo, Laury and Debora.
The Second group are from different local churches they are Diego, Nicolas, Josefa and Candelaria.
These two groups visit small villages working with the local churches and youths to train
 and share the good news of our Lord.

                                                                  23. Ataco (Elias) - El Refugio El Salvador   
                                                                      Elias is a group leader sharing Jesus with many youths
                                                                                and working with kids in small villages.

24. Abraham - Chimaltengo Guatemala
Pastor Abraham is a Pastor with the El Shaddai Church he
is a group leader sharing Jesus in outlining villages.

25. Edgar Contreras - Guazacapan Guatemala
Edgar and his wife are pastors of the El Shaddai Church on the coast of Guatemala
is a group leader sharing Jesus on the coastal villages of Guatemala.

26. Jaime Veleasquez - Chiquimulia Guatemala
Jaime is a Pastor with the El Shaddai Church and a group leader
Sharing Jesus to area villages.

27. Luis Toberto Argueta - Guatemala City Guatemala

Pastor Luis has a ministry working with drug and alcohol victims.
He is also a team leader sharing Jesus.

28. Raul Soto - Tapachula Mexico

Raul is a Pastor with the El Shaddai church and a
group leader sharing Jesus to villages in Mexico.

29. Rosita - Tecpan Guatemala

Rosit is a team leader teaching Bible studies, sharing
Jesus to the Indigenous women in villages.

Pastor Tito is a team leader he is also the President of the Pastors
 in the Salama area.

31. Animation Film Group

This team is creating Bible studies with voice overlays, Power Point Bible studies.
They are also creating Christian animation films which are used with all of the Projector Groups and
a new ministry on the Inter-net. You can view all of these films and studies by going to our
Free Ministry Tool page or visit YouTube look up knjstolt also shedin5

Pastor Saul Perez- San Lucas Sacatepequez
Pastor Saul Perez ministers on the coast of Guatemala in San Lucas Sacatepequez.
He is a team leader sharing our Lord on the coast and holds training
classes for Pastors and church members.

33. Moses Ouni - Uganda,Congo
We use the Bible study videos with Pastors and churches
that come together in several villages in Northern, Eastern and Western Uganda
where we have extensive contacts and network of interdenominational groups working together.
These are areas I have been to and taught numerous seminars.
We also use the film shows during our local evangelistic outreaches to the native villages to proclaim Jesus Christ.
We form teams of film committees in numerous villages in several parts of Uganda
and the Native areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Ituri region)
These volunteers will arrange for evangelistic and Bible study film shows in their areas.

34. Victor & Chici Barbella - Parramos Guatemala
Victor and Chici are directors of the Rehoboth Children's Home
 They also operate a Drug and Alochol Center
 Teaching both youths and children about Christ.

35. Anibal Nicolalde - Valencia-Cullera Spain
Anibal is a projector group leader who works evangelizing to the Spanish people.

36. Miguel Ginez - Madrid Spain

Miguel is a projector team leader and also has a street ministry evangelizing those in need.

37. Channel 5 Chichi Antena in Chichicastenengo Guatemala

38. Channel 70 In Guatemala City

39. Channel 35 in El Salvador; Chalchuacpa, El Refugio, Atequiczaya, Turin

40. Channel 20 Santa Elena Barillas de Villa Canales - Santa Elena Barillas Guatemala

41. Jim & Evangelina Courier - Fort Forth Texas

Jim & Evangelina served as missionaries in Mexico for many years
and now work setting up Projector Groups with Gospel Outreach Association.
On June 14th 2013 my dear Brother Jim went home to our Lord. I will greatly miss him and all
the help he was for me. He will stay on this sight in memory and I know he is still with us all in spirit.

42. Demetrio Vizcaino - Ciudad Quesada Costa Rica
Demetrio is the Northern Education Minister for Costa Rica.
He sets up projector groups in the Northern area of Costa Rica.
With the projector equipment in charge by a team leader who in turn will send the equipment
out each day to the Public Schools, Churches and Prison Education ministries.
This way the equipment will be used by more then one person and be able to work every day.
Demetrio will also be the person in charge of the Team One in the area of Ciudad Quesada.

43. Lizabeth Rodriguez Castro - Team Two EL TANKE Costa Rica
Lizabeth is Team Two leader for the projector groups in the area of El Tanke Costa Rica.
She will be responsible for reporting the activities to Demetrio and
sending out the equipment to the Public Schools and Churches in her area.

44. Team Three - Central Caribbean Cost Costa Rica
Demetrio is the Northern Education Minister for Costa Rica. 
He sets up projector groups in the Northern area of Costa Rica. 
With the projector equipment in charge by a team leader who in turn will send the equipment 
out each day to the Public Schools, Churches and Prison Education ministries. 
This way the equipment will be used by more then one person and be able to work every day.

45. Team Four - Northern Caribbean Cost Costa Rica
Demetrio is the Northern Education Minister for Costa Rica. 
He sets up projector groups in the Northern area of Costa Rica. 
With the projector equipment in charge by a team leader who in turn will send the equipment 
out each day to the Public Schools, Churches and Prison Education ministries. 
This way the equipment will be used by more then one person and be able to work every day.

46. Team Five - North Central Costa Rica
Demetrio is the Northern Education Minister for Costa Rica. 
He sets up projector groups in the Northern area of Costa Rica. 
With the projector equipment in charge by a team leader who in turn will send the equipment 
out each day to the Public Schools, Churches and Prison Education ministries. 
This way the equipment will be used by more then one person and be able to work every day.

47. Team Six - North Pacific Cost Costa Rica
Demetrio is the Northern Education Minister for Costa Rica. 
He sets up projector groups in the Northern area of Costa Rica. 
With the projector equipment in charge by a team leader who in turn will send the equipment 
out each day to the Public Schools, Churches and Prison Education ministries. 
This way the equipment will be used by more then one person and be able to work every day.

48. Team Seven - Central Pacific Cost Costa Rica

Demetrio is the Northern Education Minister for Costa Rica. 
He sets up projector groups in the Northern area of Costa Rica. 
With the projector equipment in charge by a team leader who in turn will send the equipment 
out each day to the Public Schools, Churches and Prison Education ministries. 
This way the equipment will be used by more then one person and be able to work every day.

49. Team Eight - Central Costa Rica
Demetrio is the Northern Education Minister for Costa Rica. 
He sets up projector groups in the Northern area of Costa Rica. 
With the projector equipment in charge by a team leader who in turn will send the equipment 
out each day to the Public Schools, Churches and Prison Education ministries. 
This way the equipment will be used by more then one person and be able to work every day.

50. Jorge Gordón - Cayambe Ecuador
Jorge is a projector team leader and also a Pastor for the Baptist Church in Cayambe.

51. Luis Tulcanaza - Guayllabamba Ecuador
Pastor Luis is a projector team leader and also the Baptist Church pastor in Guayllabamba.

52. Jesús Carlosama - Santo Domingo de los Colorados Ecuador

Pastor Jesús is a projector group leader and also a
Pastor for the Baptist Church in
Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

53. Larry and Marla Johnson - Chiquimula Guatemala
Larry and Marla are Missionaries and projector group leaders

54. Four Churches Cambodia
These four churches will use the projector equipment to share our Lord to other areas in Cambodia.
They are also working on on translating the Bible Studies and Animation Films into
their native language.

55. Baldimir Hernandez - San Andres Itzapa
Pastor Hernandez is a co-Pastor and Projector group leader 
for the Bethel Assembly of God church in San Andres Itzapa.

56. Roderico Martinez - Monte Rey San Felipe Reu Guatemala
Projector group leader

57. Miguel Mijango - Santo Tamas Chiche Guatemala
Miguel is a projector team leader

Danny & Peggy work in Central and South America training national's to be missionaries 
to their own people. Not only providing training but providing the tools they need by setting up Projector teams 
to go out and share our Lord with films and Bible studies.

59. Pastor Franco Candu - Patzun Guatemala
Pastor Candu was a missionary for many years to Honduras and now service our
Lord in Guatemala as a Projector group leader.

60. Chamion Mau - Cambodia
Pastor Chamion works all over building churches and Evangelizing he will start now 
as a Projector Leader Using Christian films and Bible Studies in Khmer also help translating
Many of the Animation Films and Studies from English to Khmer.

Pastor Barabus works all over building churches and Evangelizing he will start now 
as a Projector Leader Using Christian films and Bible Studies in Khmer also help translating
Many of the Animation Films and Studies from English to Khmer.

Gary holds Bible training classes here in the USA and also works in Africa training 
church leaders and setting up national's to minister to their own country. Gary
is the person who set up Moses in Uganda as a Projector Group Leader. 

63. Pablo Juracan - Patzutzun Guatemala
In April 2011 I meet a pastor in Patulul who asked if I would trade my bike for his car. 
Shortly after this I  was praying with another pastor he told me I would soon be set up with a ministry. 
Soon after I meet Pedro and know I will be sharing Christian films and sharing Jesus.  
This is how the Lord works and prepared me for this new ministry.

64. Savaan Krouch - Houston Tx and Cambodia
Pastor Savaan is Pastor FCBC-Aldine Houston Texas he travels sharing Jesus 
and planting churches in Cambodia. Now blessed with a hard drive with many Christian 
films and Bible studies to reach and train others for our Lord. 

Dr.CR Oliver has partnered with Gospel Outreach Association to set up 
new projector group leaders starting with Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Cambodia.

66. Claudia Gil - Petan Guatemala
Claudia's ministry is to many that live in the streets of Retlauleu, Quetzaltengo, Totonicapan 
and Mexico in Magnolias. She shares our Lord to many who are have a problem
with alcohol. She is now a projector film leader and will share her faith
using Christian films and Bible studies.


The Martinez live in Del Rio Texas but their hearts are to serve the Lord.  
Now with the blessings to be a projector group team able to share our Lord with films and Bible Studies.

68. Marco Tulio Gonzalez - San Miguel Petapa Guatemala
Marco has a Cable TV Called in English "A Week Before Christ" channel 47
This is a dish network TV company sharing our Lord using Bible Films and Bible Studies.

69. Pastor Mario - Albama Tamaulipas Mexico
Pastor Mario and Family have been working in several small villages around Aldama Tamaulipas Mexico.
He is also working with the Pastors Alliance in Aldama and travels 
some into the mountains and ministers to the small churches in the remote villages.

70. Pastor Marcos Flores - Ciudad Victoria Mexico
Pastor Flores ministry is on the outer edge of a very large city. There are five
small towns that are in this area that he ministers too. His church offers many out reach
and now being a Projector group leader he will share our Lord using films.

71. Gustavo & Graciela Hernandez - Ciudad Victoria & Monterray Mexico
Both work with an apostlic church, Leaders of their home group and using the projector ministry
Sharing our Lord on the streets in Ciudad Victoria & Monterray Mexico.

72. Cheryl Carter - Benton Harbor Michigan USA
Cheryl will be using the Christian Animation Films and Bible studies for her Sabbath School Class
In Old Path Church of God, Benton Harbor Michigan the above picture is the class.

73. Pastor Orlando Santos - Santa Rosa de Copan Honduras
Pastor Orlando Santos is a pastor in Santa Rosa de Copan Honduras.  
He is a pastor and supervisor of over 40 churches in the west side of Honduras with the Church of God.  
He has been working also as Flames of Fire Ministry field coordinator for Honduras for the last 3 years. 
He has been the pastor of his church of about 300 people for the last ten years. 
He is married and has two children.  He has a heart for missions, for winning the lost to Christ. 
Pastor Orlando is a projector group leader using Christian films to share our Lord.

74. Pastor Rigoberto Gonzales - Departmento de San Marco Guatemala
Pastor Rigoberto is a projector leaders and also works in the Public School in San Marco.

75. Pastor Marco Sierra - San Marcos Guatemala
Pastor Marco has a cable channel The Word of Action.
He is sharing our Lord using Bible Studies and Christian films 
in San Marcos and surrounding villages. 

76. Marvin Ramirez - Encuentra & San Pedro Sacatepequez Guatemala
Marvin is sharing our Lord on his cable channel called Fresh Anointing.

77. Gabriela Orozco - Quetzaltenango & San Marcos Guatemala
Gabriel shares our Lord on a Christian cable TV on UHF and Channel 22. 
Using Bible Studies and Christian films.

78. Angels Acts of Kindness - Albuquerque New Mexico USA
People helping people since 1995, CEO is Sandra Sandien. Their ministry is not only to provide food and clothing but 
now armed with a hard drive of Bible Studies and Christian Animation films that they may copy and share our Lord to the world. 
An All Volunteer Organization not only serving New Mexico but the world. 
If you care to get involved or donate contact Sandra.
Angels Acts of Kindness
PO Box 16778
Albuquerque, NM 87191
e-mail: sandien@sandien.com

79. Soksamnang Meas - Toulkok Phnom Penh Cambodia
Pastor Soksamnang Meas is a local pastor using Christian films and Bible Studies
to share our Lord and a new Projector Group Leader in Cambodia.

80. VIDA TV - San Lucas Gatemala
VIDA TV in San Lucas is run by Luis Turk and will now be airing 
Christian Films and Bible Studies to their viewers.

Abraham is starting after over 30 years in ministry a new projector group using 
Christian films and Bible studies to share our Lord in India.

Serving our Lord for many years we are now able to use Christian films 
and Bible Studies to share our Lord to others.

This is an orphanage in the City that is now sharing our Lord 
using a projector sharing Christian films and Bible Studies.

84. Cable Panajachel - Panajachel Guatemala
Gerardo Higueros is in charge of Cable company and is now sharing our 
Lord over the Cable TV sharing Christian films and Bible Studies.

85. Jackson Ajoli - Uganda 
Jackson is a new projector group leader in Uganda and his first showing he was 
inspecting about 250 to show but to his surprise over 6000 came. 

86. Marvin Quinteros - Chiquimula Gatemala
Marvin is a projector group leader sharing our Lord 
using Christian Films and Bible Studies in Chiquimula.

87. Eduardo Tacam - Quetzaltenango Gatemala
Eduardo works with evangelism with his church the House of God.
He will now be sharing our Lord using Bible Studies and Christian Films.

Ron and Rhonda Hedrick head up the Global Community Outreach (GCO) mission.  
Central America is where they are reaching out to the local people.  
Ron and his family come from Harrisonville, Missouri, USA.  
Please read more about their mission and see the work they are doing. 

89. Pastor Ruby Alvarodo - Xejuyup 2 Guatemala
Pastor Ruby shares our Lord using Christian films in his village.
He will use these films and Bible studies to help start new churches 
and to train the church leaders in the Word.

90. Rosita Perez - San Jose Poaquil y Aldeas de Tecpan
Rosita sets up Christian women Bible studies in the Tecpan area using 
Christian films and many of the Power Point Bible Studies to share our Lord.

91. India Group #2 - India
In some places in India those who are in ministry working with Non- Christians
are faced with much opposition and is best to not be identified. This new group
ministers to these groups and in these very high persecution areas in India.
This is why we are holding back names and places of their ministry for their protection.
Pray for this India Group #2 our Lord knows who they are.  

92. Felix Dai - Uganda
The film is so far the best way of reaching out to the none believers
and cults, it is the simplest gospel I have ever preached and seen
such a tremendous response. It has been an exciting move over here, where we had two 
film shows. Surely this is a successful and precised way of presenting the gospel
to the people, it was not so easy but great harvest realized.

93. John & Brenda Carwile - Prewitt New Mexico
This by far is the best way to start a ministry for we are now able to hold Bible studies,
home groups and even share with many churches.

Reaching Mexico for our Lord building churches, schools and now able to 
share our Lord being a projector group leader will open many new doors to reach others
plus with the Bible Study tools provide will give us the tools to help others grow in Christ.

95. Chichimeca Indian Children Bible Club - Mexico
This projector group will be overseen by Jack Driscoll #94 we will not only
be able to have the studies to teach our children but giving the children the means 
to serve our Lord in many other schools by sharing our Lord using the projector to reach many.

96. Prison Ministry San Miguel Allende - Mexico
The Prison Ministry group will be overseen by Jack Driscoll #94 to share 
our Lord in the prison. Omar & Lindia are the team leaders to bring hope and change lives.

97. Martin Stendal - Santefe de Bogota Columbia
Martin has served our Lord in Columbia for many years now armed with many Bible 
Studies and projector to share our Lord will open even a greater door to serve.

My heart is to serve our Lord in Mexico by helping set up others to GO. 
This projector group ministry not only gives me the tools to do this but will open many new doors
to each this part of God's world for Him.

99. Kelly Morales - Chimaltenango Guatemala
Kelly is with the church called Centroamericana in Chimaltenango she will share
our Lord using Christian films and Bible studies as a projector group leader.

100. Stanley Saunders - Thoreau New Mexico USA
Stanley Saunders is in Thoreau New Mexico working on the Navajo Reservation 
holding Bible Studies and Christian films to his native people.

101. Pastor Johnny Platero - Crownpoint New Mexico USA 
Pastor Johnny pastors a rural Navajo church near Crownpoint New Mexico called Solid Rock Church. 
The Lord has called him to serve the community in which he grew up. He has known there is resistance to the gospel 
but he has found that when ministry is done with God's love it open many doors. Now armed with a 
projector, many bible studies and Christian films he well reach many more.

102. India Group #3 - India  
In some places in India those who are in ministry working with Non- Christians
are faced with much opposition and is best to not be identified. This new group
ministers to these groups and in these very high persecution areas in India.
This is why we are holding back names and places of their ministry for their protection.
Pray for this India Group #3 our Lord knows who they are. 

103. Pastor Leonel Ramirez - Guatemala City Guatemala
Pastor Leonel Ramirez has a large mission in Guatemala City and holds medical clinics all
over Guatemala. Now armed with Christian films and Bible Studies he will now share our Lord 
to those he serves physiclely and Spiritly.

The Christian School of the Andes is located in the Andes mountains of central Peru. 
Our students are children from indigenous Quechua and Hispanic families who face severe economic 
difficulties and limited educational opportunities. Now as a Projector group we are able to share 
our Lord with Christian films and Bible studies opening many new doors for the future.

105. Adubango Dieudonne - Congo
Pastor Adubango is the first projector group leader in Congo. 
He will share our Lord with Christian films & Bible Studies. 

PMF is non-denominational and works with believers from many Christian backgrounds. 
We are dedicated to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, uniting and strengthening believers 
while helping the most poor among us.  Most of our work takes place in the rainforest villages of Unión Santeña, 
Majé and Chimán. Other locations in include Panama City and Chepo. 
We will be starting formal classes in the biblical institute in April 2013. 
Now armed with a computer, projector and a hard drive with some ready-prepared Spanish material.

107. Eugene Morgan - Thoreau New Mexico USA
Eugene works for Saint Bonaventure Indian Mission & School on the Navajo Nation.
His heart is for his people and this school to train up the youth to better themselves. Now with
The Hard Drive provided he will beable to create study material that will change many future lives.

108.  Bolivia

109. Uruguay Team One - Uruguay
Since they were teens they have felt a call to the mission field 
and they are so excited to obedient to God's call on their lives. They are ministering in one of the most 
economically and politically advanced counties in all of Latin America, yet one of the hardest to reach with the gospel.
For thier protection with so many ani-christian laws thier names and where they live 
in Uruguay will be with held. Our Lord knows who they are.

110. Peter & Blanca Wollensack - Peru
With the heart to serve our Lord Peter has been working on setting up a film/bible study 
ministry for many years. Now armed with all of the free films and studies his work trying to 
create ministry tools on his own is now in his hands to serve our Lord. Peter can now start working 
on translating many Bible studies into the native language in Peru.

Hannah Koroma is a member of Abundant Life Church in Garland, Texas overseas mission team
 and works to help support children suffering from abuse, and disease, as well as those orphaned, 
by rebel fighting in the country of Sierra Leone. 
Many of the girls were raped by these soldiers and now have babies to try and care for. 
Out of her own funds each month she sends money to provide medical care for these children and is now
setting up Christian Projector Groups in Africa.

112. Sierra Leone Group 2 - Africa
Set up by Hannah Koroma see #111 above sharing our Lord with Christian films & Bible Studies.

113. Dennis & Betsy Steinmetz - Belize
We are missionaries to Belize, Central America, presently living in Punta Gorda, Toledo District, 
the most spiritually and materially impoverished district of Southern Belize. We came over six years ago 
and have ministered from the Southern to the Northern border, and Eastern coast to the Western border. 
We are with Equip International, an interdenominational organization that emphasizes working through the local churches.  
Our family seeks to disciple local believers by adding to their numbers through evangelistic outreach. 
Our emphasis is on building the church body, the body of Christ; not building church buildings. 

Tapé Missions is the cross-cultural ministry of the Hagerman family–Ken, Christie, Camille, and Caroline. 
Ken and Christie have worked in youth ministry all of their adult lives, in local churches, youth camps, 
college ministry, cross-cultural missions, and evangelism. Camille and Caroline are enjoying their teen years, 
serving the Lord and the community through their gifts of hospitality, musical talents, and friendship evangelism. 
Volunteers are an important part of the ministry, 
from those who come as part of a short-term mission trip to those who stay six months or longer, 
learning about missions, about Latin American culture, and about serving.

Pator Angel ministres to two churchs in the city of Quito and now
armed with a projector and Christian films will be working with over 
20 churches in the area adding each church to share our Lord.

The Dyers are Christian missionaries from the Texas Hill Country. 
In 2009 they moved from the comfort of the United States to help manage and consult with Casa del Aguila Orphanage Farm. 
Since then they have expanded their mission services to include several orphanage homes in the greater Cusco area. 
Sheri is a licensed Texas Attorney and Certified Public Accountant. 
She is a passionate home school mom who loves to start Christian Education Programs in Peru. 
Steve is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker with 25 years experience in development and construction. 
Steve loves guiding teams & visitors, and empowering local communities by developing their resources and infrastructure.  
They also receive and facilitate short-term mission teams, 
as well as guiding visitors and volunteers of all kinds to the poorest corners of Southern Peru.

117. Donald & Carol Paige - Paraguay
Donald and Carol Paige have been missionaries in Paraguay since July 2008. 
They are serving in roles that God had prepared for them before their arrival. 
Donald has a degree in history and is a journeyman silversmith. 
He has developed friendships with and ministers to Paraguayan silversmiths in the town of Luque. 
Carol has a master’s degree in social work. She works closely with the students, 
families and the staff of a Methodist school located in an impoverished neighborhood in Lambaré. 
It is their hearts’ desire to share the love of Christ and to be effective witnesses for the Kingdom of God.

118. Cindy Howe - Prewitt/Baca New Mexico USA
Cindy has worked in many areas of the Navajo Nation, not only to bring Christ
into their lives but to help with so many that are poor and in need. 

119. Rema TV 3D - Rethaluleu Guatemala
This Cable TV will now broadcast Christian films and Bible Studies to the city of Rethaluleu Guatemala.

120. Elementary School - Philippines
This school will hold Christian Bible Studies and share our Lord to their community 
as the first Projector Group Ministry in the Philippines.

121. Desmond Richards - Guyana
Pastor Richards is serving our Lord in Guyana and is a Projector Group Leader

122. Valarie Rivera - Peru
I have served as a missionary for 25 years and I am presently ministering in Peru.
Our work for the past 9 years has been the beginning of a work from scratch, in an area in which the Gospel Message is often not clear. 
A church has formed in which children are ministered to every Saturday (and there are a good number that arrive faithfully). 
Families have been reached and many lives have been transformed by God´s power. 
We are asking God for dedicated national workers and for a strong leadership.
Thank you for caring and letting me be a part of His work as a Projector Group Leader.

123. Manuel Zamora - Guayaquil Ecuador
Pastor Manuel is the pastor of a small church on the edge of the city of Guayaquil.
He goes to many of the out lining areas and holds services and Bible training classes. These 
areas are very poor and many without hope. Now armed with the studies and films he will share our Lord to many.

124. Mr. & Mrs Cainson Por Chhay - Carrollton Texas
Brother Cainson Por holds Bible studies in his home every week in his Cambodia Language.
Cainson Por is also working with Gospel Outreach Association translating the Christian Animation 
films & Bible studies into the Cambodia language. Cainson Por has written many Christian songs that we 
are working on together making Christian Animation Music DVD's. 

125. Sokey & Banan - Cambodia & USA 
Sokey is working with Gospel Outreach Association in translating the Animation 
films into Khmer. He is also handing out many of the Bible studies to others.

Many times a year Samuel serves our Lord in India. He will be setting up Projector groups 
in many different areas throw out India.

127. Olin Hill School Orphanage - Nagua Dominican Republic
Olin travels serving our Lord training up others to serve in missions. Olin set up a projector
group in this orphanage/school to share our Lord to all in the area.

128. India Group #4 - India
In some places in India those who are in ministry working with Non- Christians
are faced with much opposition and is best to not be identified. This new group
ministers to these groups and in these very high persecution areas in India.
This is why we are holding back names and places of their ministry for their protection.
Pray for this India Group #4 our Lord knows who they are. 

129. Daniel James Behai - Moyamba Dist. Sierra Leone
Daniel is pastor of the Moyamba Dist. in Sierra Leone and will now 
share our Lord with Christian films and Bible Studies.

130. Glorious Missionary Church - France
Now with the use of a projector and Bible studies we will be able
not only train up our church for our Lord but to share our Lord to the community.

131. Hebron Apostolic Church - Sri Lanka
Being the first Projector Group in our area the Lord will bring new life 
not only to our home church but now we have the tools to share our Lord to the world.

132. Morning Star Apostolic Church - France
What an opportunity we now have in our country to share 
our Lord using Christian films and Bible studies as a Projector group leader.

133. Pastor Andrew Kanu - Sierra Leone
As a Projector Group Leader we will not only be able to tell and teach 
others of Christ but now we can even train up others to go and serve our Lord
using Christian films and all of the Bible studies we now have.

134. Pastor Moses Bona - Bo Dist. Sierra Leone
Pastor Moses is head of the Bo District in Sierra Leone and will
work in his area sharing our Lord using Christian films and Bible Studies.

135. Pastor Nelson Coulson - Kono Dist. Sierra Leone
Pastor Nelson is head of the Kono District in Sierra Leone and will
work in his area sharing our Lord using Christian films and Bible Studies.

136. Peter Kainwo - Sierra Leone
Peter has for many years used Christian films going by small boat with a very old 8mm projector.
Now as a Projector Group leader everything fits into a small pack and with 1000's of studies
many will not only hear of our Lord but grow in faith.

137. Prophet John Moseray - Sierra Leone
As a Projector Group Leader we now have so many more doors open to 
share our Lord, training and teaching others.

138. JJ & Sarah Courier - Plano Texas
Son of Jim Courier #41 above, raised on mission field in Mexico, serving our Lord 
in Abundant Life Church. Now armed with a hard drive of Bible studies he will reach the world able
to set up others to serve our Lord.

Pastor Glynn & Carlon both truly understand the meaning of Pastor (Shepherd).
It is our great honor to be in our 32nd year of pastoral ministry here at ALC.
The heart of this church is "restoration." Here at ALC you don't have a past, just a future!
This is a great place to find healing in your life. 
Now armed with many Bible studies in English and Spanish to share our Lord to the world.
To find out more of Abundant Life Church and all of the ministry tools they have to offer click on their name
above to visit Abundant Life Church website.

140. Ouk Sy - Cambodia & Garland Tx
Ouk Sy has been working on a study Bible for the Cambodia Christian's. 
Now to help serve Cambodia he has a hard drive full of Christian Studies.

141. Orphanage/School - Nagua Dominican Republic
Olin Hill set up the first projector group in this are #127. 
With the use of the Projector Ministry the School has expanded so 
large that a second group was need and the school is all so expanding to another area.

142. Asirwatham church - India
As a Projector Group Ministry we will not only be able to tell and teach 
others of Christ but now we can even train up others to go and serve our Lord
using Christian films and all of the Bible studies we now have.

143. Church in Tuticorin - India
As a Projector Group Ministry we will not only be able to tell and teach 
others of Christ but now we can even train up others to go and serve our Lord
using Christian films and all of the Bible studies we now have.

144. Church of Jesus - India
As a Projector Group Ministry we will not only be able to tell and teach 
others of Christ but now we can even train up others to go and serve our Lord
using Christian films and all of the Bible studies we now have.

145. Madurai church - India
As a Projector Group Ministry we will not only be able to tell and teach 
others of Christ but now we can even train up others to go and serve our Lord
using Christian films and all of the Bible studies we now have.

146. Perinba Church - India
As a Projector Group Ministry we will not only be able to tell and teach 
others of Christ but now we can even train up others to go and serve our Lord
using Christian films and all of the Bible studies we now have.

147. Samaritan church - India
As a Projector Group Ministry we will not only be able to tell and teach 
others of Christ but now we can even train up others to go and serve our Lord
using Christian films and all of the Bible studies we now have.

We have seen a move of God like never before. Praise the Lord!! Wow!! It is hard to 
find where to begin. Whenever God’s people start following Him God starts moving. 
We have our registration for the primary school and we should have the registration for the junior high school 
by the end of this year 2014. Praise the Lord for moving on our behalf. What a time for God’s people. 
We know that the Lord is coming soon and we are doing our best to get as many into the fold as possible.

W. Paul and Janet M. Kee are the only missionaries for the Church of Christ living in Cameroon.

They have been working there full-time since 1976. Now with more Bible studies in their hands

they will not have to spend so much time making studies for the school and have more time sharing our Lord.

150. School 1 - Cambodia
This school will teach computer classes and English using Christian Bible Studies.

151. School 2 - Cambodia
This school will teach computer classes and English using Christian Bible Studies.

Our Lord keeps blessing us here in Togo giving us many opportunity to share our Lord. 
We have seen much growth this year 2013 and now with able to share this ministry and 
our Lord with films and Bible studies many more will turn from their old ways to new.

We are missionaries in the country of Lesotho, Africa. 
We are helping to plant churches, train leaders for ministry, distribute Bibles and Christian literature, 
and help with humanitarian projects.

Paul preaches at Grace Center in Kabwe and speaks at conferences around Zambia throughout the year. 
They also work with the deaf in Kabwe and rent a safe house in town for a group of 17 youths.  
Ann Rachel home schools all of our kids and does women’s outreach and kid’s Bible clubs. 
All of their children are involved in all aspects of the ministry. 

155. Pastor Brisuela - Santa Rita, Copan, Honduras
Pastor Brisuela is a pastor of a Church of God church in Santa Rita, Copan.
He is a supervisor over many churches in the department of Copan, Honduras.  
He has a great desire to see many people come to the Lord. 
The projector and laptop with the videos would be a great asset to him for evangelizing the lost. 

156. Pastor Edy Guerra Teculutan - Zacapa, Guatemala
Pastor Edy is a pastor with the Prince of Peace Churches. He pastors a church in the 
department of Zacapa, Guatemala. His evangelism team goes out weekly throughout Zacapa
to share the gospel.  To show movies he has to rent or borrow a projector and movies.    
157. Pastor Pablo de la Cruz - Panajachel Guatemala
Pastor Pablo works with youth children in Panajachel and Guatemala City.
Sharing our Lord with Christian films and Bible studies.

We are ministering to the Shona people through agricultural discipleship, the AWANA program, 
and any other areas of need. Most of all, we pray we are the hands and feet of Christ to the people of Zimbabwe.

The Moores were appointed to Guinea, West Africa, in 1986. 
The country had been closed to western influence and missionaries for almost 20 years. 
As former missionary children, Tom and Sherry had lived in Guinea and Liberia, respectively, 
and were prepared for this unique ministry. The Moores have been involved in successful church planting 
and training national pastors and leadership in this mostly Muslim country. 
The Moores have broadened their scope of ministry to include occasional pastoral and 
women’s seminars in other African nations where Open Bible ministers.

We’re Adam, Lora, and Matimu Willard and we’re missionaries to Madagascar
the fourth-largest island in the world, located just off the southeast coast of Africa.  
As missionaries, we’re part of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Madagascar,
partnering with AIM (Africa Inland Mission) in Madagascar to lead a TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) team 
to the Antakarana people in isolated northwestern Madagascar.

161. Chimba Kunga - Lusaka, Zambia Africa
Chimba goes to outlining villages for training Pastors and church Leaders staying 
any where from 2 to 5 days. Chimba holds classes during the day and will show films at night.

Steve & Karrie Graham moved with their children to Namibia in 2008 as Christian missionaries with Africa Inland Mission. 
Their primary purpose is working with orphans and vulnerable children, and also discipling the youth of Namibia.

163. Dan Billy - Democratic Republic of Congo
Dan's ministry area with the film equipment will be with the Pygmies of Ituri Forest in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Egise Du Christ congregation was started in 2002 by Isaac Gnohou & John Kessie. 
Brother Gaye Gaie has been there for at least 2 years & is supported 
by the Concord Road Church of Christ in Brentwood, Tennessee. Gaye will be
starting a projector group training and sharing our Lord. Gaye is far left in shirt and tie.

165. Pastor David Freetown Church - Serria Leone Africa
Pastor David will use the projector to share our Lord and use the Bible Studies to open more doors
to teach others to serve our Father.

166. Samuel Town Church - Serria Leone Africa
Now with a projector and able to share films and Bible studies not only to his
church but to the area they live in will open many new doors for our Lord.

167. Pastor Martinez - Garland Texas
Pastor Martinez is the Pastor for the Spanish church at Abundant Life Church.
With a growing number of Spanish Speaking in the area with the help of Abundant Life Church 
together they are holding Spanish church services every Saturday night.

We are more than just a church;  we are a refuge for those that have been wounded in the battles of life; 
we understand that we serve God when we serve others , and while our ministry is our service to the believer, 
our mission is our service to the unbeliever as well, and we are confident that if we remain faithful to the call of 
our Lord in reaching the lost, some day they will discover that one moment of 
God's favor upon their live's are worth a lifetime of hard work !!

Our ministry is to share our Lord to the tri-nation area in South America Amazon.
With the projector ministry we will now be able to share our Lord with others in a very big way.

We are dedicated to building lives on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ through numerous outreach opportunities.
Casa de Gloria hosts home groups, Sunday morning Celebration services, hospital visitations, a clothing bank, 
evangelistic film ministry, an alcoholic street outreach, English classes, (which will begin in August), 
an International Video Bible School; plus they are working to unite the body of Christ through the 
Kingdom Conquerors Unity Pastoral Group. Each of these ministries allow the Warrens to touch the lives 
of Mexicans in practical ways while offering the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

Jacob and Kim both grew up in Africa as missionary kids (Jacob in Kenya and Kim in Madagascar).  
Jacob is the Director of Ministries at Pamoja Ministries and the Treasurer of Pamoja USA. 
As our Operations Coordinator, Kim is one of the main drivers at Pamoja, making trips into town several 
times each week. Kim handles much of the procurement and government office work for Pamoja, 
and she is also one of the main people keeping Pamoja updated in all of its social media networks.

Besides doing pastoral training and encouraging the churches in Malawi, 
Tammie has also assisted the church in obtaining land and building a ministry center,
which will aid tremendously in the biblical and theological training of pastors, 
as well as providing pastors an opportunity to develop a vocational skill such as carpentry, 
tailoring, or welding to better provide financially for their families. Now also providing a film ministry
to the region church to share our Lord all over Malawi.

The Vickeys recently completed an eight-month assignment in Malawi filling in 
for missionary Tammie Tregellas during her home assignment in the States. 
Tim and Josie received an official invitation from the national leadership in Malawi 
to return as missionaries, which they accepted; they are looking forward to returning 
and working with the Church of God in Malawi also with a projector group film ministry 
that they will head up opening more doors to share our Lord.

174. Yohana Castro - Mision Juvenil de Honduras y Guatemala y Nicaragua
Yahana has a very large ministry to the youth using films and bible studies 
training them to serve our Lord.

The Mast's ministry is to Missionary children's school, teaching, maintenance, 
Follow-up on church work at Lukolwe, Zambia and work in Kenya Africa. Now armed with 
Bible Studies and films to aid this ministry teaching and training others will open many new doors for our Lord.

In 1981, Paul and Carol moved to the 94% Muslim nation of Senegal, West Africa, where they 
learned French and Wolof, raised their three children, and worked in the northern region of the country. 
To the glory of God there is today an indigenous body of believers worshiping the true and living God 
and are reaching out to their own people with His love and truth. 
Back in the early 90’s Paul and his Senegalese colleague wrote and recorded THE WAY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS,
a 100-program chronological radio series in the Wolof language. Today this series is used in about 100 languages 
for broadcast in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Among Paul's other writings are ONE GOD ONE MESSAGE, 
a book designed to help Muslims and skeptics over their obstacles and into a clear understanding of the gospel, 
and KING OF GLORY, a chronological-gospel, illustrated book for all ages.

Steve and Angela Lucas live full-time in Costa Rica. 
Before launching The Brook Ministries, Steve was a pastor in local churches in the United States for 20 years. 
He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Piedmont International University. 
Angela serves as the Director of Education. She has taught in both public and private schools, 
and is also a graduate of Piedmont International University. Latin American pastors in Central America are some 
of the hardest working in ministry. But as you might expect, access to resources and training can be limited. 
At the core of our ministry model, we are dedicated to providing affordable training to the pastors and leaders of Latin America.

In June of 2005, the Holmes family began their first term as Fundamental Baptist Missions International
missionaries in Nigeria. Soon, Truth Baptist Church along with Temple Baptist Institute was started, 
the church now averaging 200 on Sundays with 36 graduates from the ministry training school. 
Property with buildings was purchased, and Providence Baptist College & Seminary opened 
its doors in August 2009 and has now produced 14 graduates. 15 churches have been started 
by those who have been trained or ordained by their ministry.

179. Carmen Brown - Philippians
Carmen has worked and lived in the Philippians for many years and 
now with a projector and hard drive she will share our Lord to many.

180. Cambodia School 3 - Cambodia
This new group will go out to there community and share with there
friends and family the Bible studies they have learned in school.

181. Cosmas Malis - Sudan Africa
Cosmas Malis travels to outlining villages staying for two to four days 
holding Bible study training.

Their Ministry work in Ghana is Evangelism, Children's ministry, 
Woman's ministry, Home Bible studies, Teaching trades, Sunday school

James is a language analysis to support vernacular Bible translations, Teaching, 
Responsibilities in local assembly

We have been working with the children from Gaborone Baptist Church 
for almost 4 years now doing a Friday after school children’s ministry. 
The kids come in and we play games together, sing songs, learn bible verses, 
teach them a bible story, do a craft, and feed them a snack. 
We have seen many of these children come to know the Lord and are so thankful for them.

Dave & Teresa have spent three and one half years church planting in the Congo Republic. 
They are most recently building a church ministry center in the Presidnet's town of Oyo in central Congo. 
Giving to this outreach called Northern Congo Outreach is key in helping them finish
 their mission work for their final term 2013-2016.

We hope to open a missions and church-planting center at our Christian Studies center. 
The goal will be to recruit and train teams who can share the gospel and disciple new believers in Vili. 
Because the vast majority of these villages have a very low literacy rate and their culture highly prizes 
stories and proverbs, we believe that the best way to begin will be through 
training teams to tell the story of the Gospel orally.

Develop a Christian study center in Pointe Noire. 
One building has already been built and is being used by the Bible School. 
Funds are being raised to construct another building. 
Along with the Bible School, the center will coordinate Theological Education 
by Extension and discipleship ministries in the region.

Our purpose for being here is to focus on those large centers and surrounding villages 
that still have no gospel witness. We are doing this with our Burkinabe colleagues 
as we know that we are only here for the short term; they will be here for the long haul.

Pray that we will be able to communicate clearly what the Lord is doing in Burkina Faso 
and that people’s hearts will be drawn to a deeper relationship with God. 
Missions is an outflow of the work of the Holy Spirit in a person’s heart 
and of a desire to know and serve God.

We have been serving at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, Africa since 2009. 
Wendy is an ophthalmologist and works at the eye clinic while 
Eric helps with the accounting/finances of the hospital/mission. 
Now with the film and Bible studies we can share our Lord 
to the local churches and villages.

Charles & Asia travels all over Niger tell them of our Lord, they also 
run a Kids Club giving them the opportunity to share and teach the Kids.
Having this hard drive and film ministry will open so many more doors that many lives will change.

192. David & Gigi Kenney - Indonesia 

Dave Kenney serves as a missionary in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
He has lived in Jakarta for the last 20 years, along with his wife Gigi and daughter Isabel. 
His primary ministry is serving as lead pastor for International English Service (IES), 
an English speaking church in Jakarta that targets English speaking people from all different backgrounds.
Each weekend about 1,800 people attend one of the IES services in 3 different locations in Jakarta, 
a city of 15 million people. Through IES, the Kenneys are involved in missions all over Indonesia, 
working with orphanages, helping kids from poor families attend school on scholarships 
and many other kinds of ministry, including evangelistic outreaches in different parts of the country. 
IES also sponsors students who are training for the ministry in several Bible Schools in Indonesia 
and also young people from IES are training for ministry in schools and seminaries in different parts of the world. 
Find out more about their ministry visit their website Here.

193. Hillhouse Family - Burkina Faso Africa

God burdened both our hearts for the people of Africa.
After we married, we began praying about the specific country He wanted us to serve Him in.
We felt a strong desire to minister in a field that had very few missionaries in it.
From the information we gathered, and knowing, at that time,
there was only one Independent Baptist Missionary in the entire country,
our hearts were overwhelmingly drawn to Burkina Faso. How great a need there is on this field!
The people are dedicated to their religions, but, still, they are blind to the Truth of Jesus Christ.
We are so eager to go and proclaim the Truth to these people.
What a privilege to share the name of Christ in a country that is searching for Someone to fill the void in their hearts!
Please keep our family in your prayers as we share Christ with the Burkinabe people.

194. James & Marta Khong - Myanmar

Myanmar Vision Ministries (MVM) is a ministry that seeks to reach the lost 
in the nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma) with the love of Jesus Christ. 
Although MVM is committed to this single purpose, we minister in a variety of ways 
because the most pressing needs in Myanmar vary greatly from region to region. 

Matt and Becky Allen have been working in Papua New Guinea since 2003. 
Their heart’s desire is to see tribal people come to know Jesus Christ.

Mark and Krista work with the church-planting team in Ethiopia with their base in Nekempte. 
Mark will empower and train leaders by developing culturally appropriate curriculum, 
discipling new leaders, and developing small groups among the Oromo and Gumuz peoples. 
Krista will homeschool their 3 sons – Caleb, Jordan, and Tyler – as well as use her nursing background 
by implementing CHE (Community Health Evangelism) in the villages and helping out with the down-country clinics.

  Our Mission is church planting not buildings but lives for the true church is the body. 
Our foremost goal will to evangelizing the lost.

198. Apostolic Church Geneva Switzerland
Now with a projector and able to share films and Bible studies not only to his
church but to the area they live in will open many new doors for our Lord.

199. Apostolic Church - Clamart France
Now with a projector and able to share films and Bible studies not only to his
church but to the area they live in will open many new doors for our Lord.

200. Apostolic Church - Noisiel France
Now with a projector and able to share films and Bible studies not only to his
church but to the area they live in will open many new doors for our Lord.

201. Beit Immanuel Church - Jaffa Israel
Now with a projector and able to share films and Bible studies not only to his
church but to the area they live in will open many new doors for our Lord.

In January 1989, Pastor Jimmy was appointed the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Faith Church, 
authorized by the Government of Quebec and made responsible for the Ministry. 
His wife, Shirley continued to Co-Pastor the work with him in the Administration of the Church 
with other pastoral responsibilities of teaching and preaching.

203. Martin Police Ministry - Guatemala
With so much corruption in the Police and Government 
Martin decided to start Bible Studies in the surrounding towns.

204. Adam & Beth - South East Asia

Beth’s desire is to bring freedom and to connect others to the heart of God through women’s ministry and inner healing prayer.  
Adam’s desire is to partner with nationals in starting innovative businesses in order provide jobs to break the cycle of poverty. 
Adam will also train leaders to lead their communities and churches inside and outside the church.
God has revealed to Adam and Beth His desire for them to move to Southeast Asia!  
In early 2013 they have joined a growing team of young families who are helping to equip local churches and their communities.  

205. Derek & Hiatt - South East Asia

Derek and Hiatt will be working in one of the highest concentrated sex-trafficking areas in the world 
to share the light of the gospel with a community that desperately needs it. 
They will be serving within a culture which is predominantly Buddhist. 
Their hope is to plant a justice-minded church that can provide hope for a people who truly have little in their lives.

206. Heather & Matt - South East Asia

After spending a term taking in the culture and learning some of the language, 
He has excited their hearts to work with the local church in creative entrepreneurship. 
Their desire is to see the Body of Christ thrive holistically; to see the Church in SE Asia 
not be shackled by poverty and oppression but to know the freedom Christ offers.

207. Johnny & Janelle - South East Asia

Since arriving they have focused time on language and culture learning as well as helping with 
youth ministry and media development. In summer 2013 their second child Hope was born. 
Currently while they continue to learn language they are working to develop sustainable 
ministry and church planting through entrepreneurship business development.

208. José & Gailynn Silva - Timor -Leste

José Ricardo and Gailynn also support other ministries outside the capital 
where they develop activities in a local church and support activities such as health, 
water security, and education for the most needy in several villages. 

209. Justin & Karena Hanneken - Asia 

He’s led or participated in short term projects in Myanmar, India, Mexico, Bulgaria, Zambia and more.  
His wife, Karena, homeschools their 5 children and helps out with PFO’s on campus.  
Together, with amazing friends at NMSI, they created End of the Earth Cycling a ministry of NMSI that recruit, 
mobilize, and empower Christ-followers to use cycling to transform the lives of global youth.  

210. Ryan & Mary South East Asia

Ryan is Director of Youth HOPE Projects in one of the Southeast Asian countries they 

have a presence in. God has been leading Ryan and Mary to continue developing a youth pastor 

network and creating resources for youth pastors.  The greatest need urban youth have in 

underdeveloped Southeast Asian countries is job creation, thus Ryan and Mary are creating the 

Opportunities NOW Entrepreneurship School for Youth where they will be taught how to start small businesses. 

211. Wongnirattisai Yoha & Amanda - Thailand

Yoha and Amanda are now serving in Mae Hong Son Province of Northwest Thailand, 
where they are pasturing two village churches and working on community development in the area.  
They are currently working on bringing clean drinking water to remote villages and also helping the 
village farmers increase their crop production.

212. Earl & Robin Pinkston - Malta
Earl and Robin Pinkston are witnessing continuous local church growth. 
They are seeing a growing cooperation between churches, which has sparked a second summer women’s retreat. 
American and European short-term workers are assisting in the seed sowing and evangelism, 
and the Pinkstons are thrilled to have a new couple with a brand-new baby serving 2 years with them.

213. Adam & Kristy Griffith - Thailand
Adam serves as the Director of Community Development and Kristy serves as the Director of Holistic Outreach and Mobilization. 
They are often in Africa or Asia working on a projects training youth workers, partnering with the local church 
to create sustainable ministries, and leading short-term teams.

214. Hannah Parobek - Thailand
Hannah works with youth that live in hostels, who have moved into the city for further education. 
She’ll have opportunities to build relationships with the youth through teaching English and heading up an art ministry.  
As those meaningful relationships are built, they provide Hannah opportunities to share her faith and the love of God with the youth.

215. Jenni - South East Asia
Rapha House is for young girls rescued out of sex trafficking and is located in Cambodia. 
After reading up on the issue and leading two summer internships there, Jenni had come to the point of no return 
in her understanding of the issue and the biblical response to it. She has chosen, as an act of obedience 
and love for Christ, to pursue ministry in Cambodia.

216. Justin - South East Asia
 Justin works with youth aged 17-25 how to launch and run their own businesses. 
He will help train these youth how to actually run a business and then help them out with a small capital loan. 
This is a great way to share the gospel with the majority Buddhist population that exists in SE Asia.

217. Melissa Northrup - Thailand 
Melissa works with young girls to help them to experience the love of Christ and find healing 
and experience freedom in Him.  For now, that means serving with a fabulous Christian-based NGO in Chiang Mai, Thailand
that works with young ethnic minority women who are at risk for, or victims of, human trafficking, forced labor, and sexual abuse.

218. Rattanapamonsook Niw & Jamie - Thailand
Niw and Jamie’s vision is to unite the local churches and children’s homes to minister to the youth living 
in those homes and those who are living on their own. There is great need for this kind of ministry—for the youth 
to be sincerely loved, guided, and introduced to Christ. The potential outcomes are invaluable: 
decreased drug use, prostitution, poverty and high school drop-outs and a generation who knows Christ and has hope for the future!

219. Ilisoni and Brooke Raiqiso - Fiji

Our vision is to know God and make him known in Fiji, the South Pacific, 
and to the ends of the earth. Our aim is to bring Spiritual, Physical, 
Emotional and Mental freedom from bondage and poverty through community development, 
inherent gifts and expressions, family ministry, bible based training, appropriate technology projects, and mobilization.

220. Chantha Chhim - Singapore

Chantha began the process of establishing Crosslight Baptist Church of Singapore 
where he currently serves as pastor. His primary goal is to lead Asian people 
into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. His secondary goal is to partner with like-minded, 
Christian leaders for global gospel impact.

They have planted and oversee 15 churches, despite the challenges that they face in a third world country 
that is full of customs, beliefs, traditions, illiteracy, and poverty. They have an apostolic calling on their 
lives and ministry to reach the nations with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, 
and to train up Pastors and leaders for ministry.

222. Kris & Lizzy White - Vanuatu

We primarily work directly with the Ni-vanuatu peoples, we are directly sponsored into the country by a Vanuatu 
based NGO called Camp Shining Light. CSL for short, consists of a few independent missionaries from all over the 
world wanting to work towards a common goal, reaching Vanuatu with the Word of God.

223. Colin & Teena Ovenell - Benin Africa

The New Testament Church is the plan of Jesus Christ for solving the dilemmas of the world.  
Our ministry efforts go toward the establishment of local churches.  Five churches have already 
been established in the region.  Progress has stalled in recent years with the exception of a 
fellowship that continues in Malanville.  Working through established local churches we seek to 
break new ground in the many surrounding villages that do not yet have a Christian witness.

224. John & Mandi Wilson - Philippaines

John & Mandi serve by sharing our Lord and setting up new churches.

225. Carleen Smith - Seasons of Hope - Lufkin Texas

Seasons Of Hope Center is a non-profit dedicated to changing the lives of women
who want to overcome drug/alcohol habits, and/or behavioral problems. 

It is a safe place for them to restructure their life through Jesus Christ.

226. Clay & Barbara Wallace - Dallas Metro Dream Center

Since 1988, we have served families in the Inner City of Dallas. 
We strive to make a difference in the lives of children, teens and adults all over our city.

227. Dr Jeremiah Mdlalose - South Africa - Zulu Nation

There are 12 million Zulus in the Province of KwaZulu Natal. 
The Zulu Nation is not a separate country. The Zulus are part of the country South Africa. 
The Zulus have always been known as fearless warriors. But it is exciting to see the 
Zulu becoming fearless warriors for JESUS. The Zulu nation was formed through spear and war. 
We believe the nation will now be formed through Jesus blood and education.

228. Dr. Samuel & Susan Mathai Bhopal - India

Recently, we invited about 25 pastoral workers for further training. 
It was a greatly rewarding experience to see their hunger for God and for His ministry 
and their recommitment to doing Church-Planting where there are no churches.

Serving in Tanzania Africa sharing our Lord and training, sending others.

We are the Lungu’s missionaries to Moldova, 
an eastern european country which after its break-off 
from Russia in 1991, continues to be a communist country. 
Although Moldova has a strong national church which survived persecution 
during the Russian regime it struggles to grow in the new post modern era. 
We are in Moldova to come along side local churches and pastors. 
We are here to help churches grow and be revived using different outreach methods.

231. Jose & Belinda Valladares - Mexico
Living in Lufkin Texas and serves churches in Spanish here in the USA and 
serves on mission trips to Mexico.

232. Kevin & Tina Poage - AG Clawson Texas

Kevin and Tina Poage have been in the full time ministry for 20 years.  
For the past ten years they have been the pastors of Clawson Assembly of God.  
Pastor Kevin also serves on the Lufkin Sectional Committee of The Assemblies of God 
and he is a board member for the Samaritan Counseling Center of East Texas.  He also serves on the board of Season’s of Hope Center.  
He enjoys hunting and fishing and all kinds of sports.  Tina is a sixth grade teacher at Hudson ISD.  
She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.  Kevin and Tina are the proud parents of four wonderful 
children and six wonderful grandsons and two beautiful granddaughters.  The congregation of Clawson Assembly of God 
has grown from 40 to around 700 in the past ten years.  "We are looking forward to what God is going to do in the future.  
Tina and I look forward to meeting you very soon.  God Bless You!!!"

233. Louis Dawson - Rome Italy
Louis trains Pastors and church leaders serving our Lord for many years.

As a faith-based Christian life program serving North Texas for over 50 years, 
we offer an 18 month, highly structured residency program bringing hope to those with life-controlling issues of all kinds.

As the Assemblies of God World Missions inaugrual appointees to the newly created missions category, 
Appointed Evangelists, the Skipper's will be partnering with ministries and missionaries 
around the globe to possess the nations as international evangelists.

236. Wes & LeeAnn Reed - Wycliiffe Bible Translators
Translating our Fathers Word in many Tongs giving all there work to others free.

237. Weston & Amber Berrys - Madagascar Africa

We are the Berrys, Weston, Amber, Eden, and Asher.  
We have the great privilege to give our lives in service to the King of kings overseas, 
and we praise Him for the adventure each new day with Him brings.  We have been serving God 
in the Middle East for the last 5 years and are so excited for where He will be taking us next.

238. Wilson & Judy Gauntt - Global University - Japan & Ivory Coast Africa

Wilson and Judy’s field of ministry is through Global University’s International headquarters 
where they are part of the missionary team leading the School for Evangelism & Discipleship, 
the primary non-college credit Bible evangelism and discipleship tool used world-wide in 170 countries and 126 languages.

239. Cesar Rodriguez JUAREZ Mexico

Cesar lives here in the USA and serves our Lord teaching in Spanish at the Ass. of God Church.
He travels to Mexico many times a year training church Leaders and Pastors.

240. Joel & Brooke Daku - Kiribati

We are Joel and Brooke Daku, missionaries to Kiribati (pronounced Keereeboss). 
Kiribati is an Island nation located on the equator in the South Pacific OceanWe believe 
the Lord has called us to go and preach the Gospel to the 110,000 thousand souls that inhabit 
this island nation. The cults and traditional churches have reached these islands teaching 
their work based salvation. However, we have not been able to find one Gospel preaching witness there.

241. Sam & Mary Beth Snyder - Kiribati

We are Sam, Mary Beth, Thomas Judson, and Leland Roota Snyder. 
We have been serving in Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands), on the capital island of Tarawa
We have been working along with BIMI missionaries Joel and Brooke Daku and their family. 
During the almost two years we were there, we learned some of the language from tutors and also 
worked with English speakers. Some I-Kiribati people have been saved and discipled.

242. Antonio Hernández - San Juan la Laguna Guatemala 

Antonio will share our Lord as a Projector Leader holding Bible Studies
for both youth and adults. 

243. Cambodia School Group 4 - Cambodia

This school is using Christian Bible Studies to learn English and computers.
Many of the students have excepted Christ and has now set up groups to share our Lord to others.

244. Cambodia School Group 5 - Cambodia

This school is using Christian Bible Studies to learn English and computers.
 Many of the students have excepted Christ and has now set up groups to share our Lord to others.

245. Ark Church, Orissa - India

Through the work of Living Word International who 
not only support many Pastors but supply the tools to continuing our Fathers work.

246. Celebration Center - India 

Through the work of Living Word International who 
not only support many Pastors but supply the tools to continuing our Fathers work.

247. Christian Faith Fellowship - India  

Through the work of Living Word International who 
not only support many Pastors but supply the tools to continuing our Fathers work.

248. New Testament Church - India

Through the work of Living Word International who 
not only support many Pastors but supply the tools to continuing our Fathers work.

249. Steve & Kim Puffpaff - Jamaica

Steve and Kim are directors of the City of Refuge Children’s Home in Jamaica. 
The City of Refuge is a place for children that are in desperate need.  
Many have been abandoned or are without a home. 
Their three-part goal is first, to provide a home in a loving, disciplined environment; 
second,  to see these children’s lives transformed through training, nurturing and mentoring; 
and third, to raise up children that will become productive citizens for the community, nation and the church. 

Dan and Pat Hill have traveled extensively in their service to the Lord and His people.  
Together they have ministered in Cuba, Mexico, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia.  
In February of 2010 Dan decided to leave the pastoral ministry here in the US.  
Their first African ministry will be in Liberia West Africa.  
After two trips to Liberia they have seen the openness to the Gospel and teaching of grace and faith.  
They are excited about making what has been a passion to them, 
in bringing the gospel and teaching of grace to others, their full-time ministry.

251. David & Linda Arzouni - Mali

After 16 years of ministry in the Ivory Coast, 
the Lord led our steps further into the heart of West Africa to pioneer evangelism 
and Bible School ministry in the Muslim nation of Mali. This is the land of the famed city 
of Timbuktu which has been a historic center for Islamic study.
We have just completed 21 years of labor in Mali during which we saw a growing harvest 
in the midst of incredible odds and resistance. It was our privilege not only to establish 
our first Bible School there during our first term, but to see the growth of the 
national church from 2 local congregations to 70 churches today.

252. Pastor Dung Nguyen - Vietnam

Pastor Dung serving the Evangelical Church in Vietnam and shares our
Lord in many locations.

253. Bryan & Shakila Pyle - Mauritius

Bryan has been invited by the Archbishop of Mauritius to serve as the rector of St. Simon the Fisherman, 
a two-year old small church plant in Tamarin, a small fishing village on the west coast of Mauritius.  
His gifting in youth ministry, adventure program management, and music will be of use for St. Simon, which consists 
of 1/3rd youth.  Shakila speaks three of the languages of the island, is gifted in physical therapy and radio broadcasting. 

254. Jim Machuku - Swaziland 

Our vision and passion for ministry is to raise kingdom believers who will manifest a kingdom lifestyle. 
The kind of believers who will influence cities and nations, spiritually, socially, economically and politically 
with the Kingdom culture and authority. Enjoy our breakthrough services alongside the dynamic preaching/teaching 
of the prophetic Word that gives individuals testimonies of salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration, 
prosperity and anointing to live a God kind of fulfilled life.

255. Pastor Benny Mikunga - Zambia & Mozambique
Pastor Benny shares our Lord by training leaders and setting up churches thorough out Zambia & Mozambia. 

256. Pastor Mohammed Said - Zambia & Mozambique
Pastor Mohammed Said shares our Lord by training leaders and setting up churches thorough out Zambia & Mozambia.

257. Pastor Sydney Mulenga - Zambia & Mozambique
Pastor Sydney shares our Lord by training leaders and setting up churches thorough out Zambia & Mozambia.

258. Pastor Chris & Sandra Lawrence - The Gambia

Today, Gambia has a handful of Evangelical Churches that are striving to make an impact in the land. 
The process before a Gambian is converted to Christ can be slow but many are seeing the light. 
There is a lot of work to be done here. 

259. Alexander Ofori - The Gambia
Pastor Ofori serves as the pastor for the London Corner Church of Christ in The Gambia.
He is all so Pastor for 3 other Churches in the area.

260. Pastor Robert - Lufkin Texas
Brother Robert serves at Clawson AG church. He is a great prayer warier, 
at his work I know he shares our Lord with everyone that walks in the door and there are many, 
visits the sick, leads Bible studies in his home and Pastors the Friday Night Church.

261. Abraham Philip - North India

N.A. Philip  is the founder  of North India Christian Minis tries ,when He was 18 year old He received  
Jesus as his Personal Saviour ,a year after  he received a pressing vision for the souls in North India.  
In obedience to that heavenly calling, he left his family, friends, and relatives back in South India and 
came to North India, without any support. N.A. learned the native language and started to preach 
the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

262. Ann West - Zambia Africa
Ann has been a Missionary for many years in Africa she will be setting up new teams 
with video tools and Bible Studies.

263. Antonio Ochoa - Belize
Antonio Serves Our Lord in Belize and now armed with more
Bible Studies and films he will start setting up many Pastors with these tools.

264. Clawsons - Belize City in Central America

We’re excited about God moving us toward our global ministry launch date of Sept. 2015! 
At that time, we’ll be working in Maskall Village outside of Belize City in Central America, 
where we’ve spent time doing VBS since 2011. We’ll be onto a new adventure in Chiang Rai, 
Thailand in January 2016 working beside veteran missionaries learning the language, 
culture and needs of this people group for the next 2 years.

265. Dickson & Matildah Tembo - Zambia Africa
Dickson has started over 4 churches in Zambia and now will 
set up film groups for training using films and Bible studies.

The goal and vision of Latin Herald Missions are to make Jesus known to the people of Mexico, Peru
Honduras and Latin and Central America.

Ed has been a Missionary in Mexico for many years now starting Youth/Children Bible Study Schools.
With these tools they now have everything they need to not only make study books but show films. 
Ed is all so the author of the book study of Love.

268. Jerry Owens - Ecuador
Jerry has many teams though out Ecuador and now he has the tools to 
set up teams with films and Bible Studies. 

269. Joey and Stacy Jaynes - Humble Texas

Sr. Pastors Joey and Stacy Jaynes believe in training people to discover and develop their God-given 
abilities and equipping them to actively serve in their church and community.

270. Kingsley, Cathy, Jemima & Isaac Armstrong - UK

Kingsley, Cathy, Jemima & Isaac Armstrong live in Northallerton, North Yorkshire in the UK.
They started their Joshua Project in 1995 and have since travelled extensively across the UK and to many nations throughout the world.

271. Team 2 - Nigeria Africa
This Pastor's name is held and where in Nigeria he works for sharing our Lord
in the areas of his ministry is to many underground churches.

Gabriel Omorowa is the founder and President of Inspire Positive Choices, Inc/Gabriel Omorowa Ministries, 
a positive values restoration and leadership development and church planting ministry. 
Called to a preaching ministry in 1971, Gabriel has ministered and equipped church leaders in several Nations.

Aaron & Winnie are AG Missionaries serving our Lord In Croatia.

274. Ed Cardenas - Belize
Pastor Ed has planted many churches in Belize and now armed with the tools to 
share with many church leaders.

Freedom Challenge is based on the fact that man's basic need is a relationship with 
God through his Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that when Jesus is genuinely received as 
Lord and Savior, a person's life will radically change. Our mission is to initiate the discipleship 
process in men who have life-controlling problems such as drugs and alcohol. Salvation through 
Jesus Christ is the main avenue to create true lasting changes in a person's life. Teaching disciples 
about Jesus Christ and leading them to salvation is the essential work at Freedom Challenge. Lives are 
transformed as men are introduced to the supernatural power and love of God that is stronger 
than the bondage of any chemical.

276. Steve & Christina Walent - Germany

Steve & Christina with their three daughters minister in former East Germany. 
They serve as mentor and coach for church planters and have set up the first 
Church Planter's School in this part of the country. They are presently in their second 
round of training new church planters. Part of their church planting strategy is the renewal 
of existing churches, so that they can become mother churches and start to multiply. 
A Church Renewal School was recently started for this purpose. Right now 12 church 
teams in Saxony are taking part in it. Your prayers are appreciated for more churches to 
be planted in this former East Block part of Germany.

277. Tommy Meche - Crosby Tx
Tommy is the Mission Coordinator for short term Mission trips that 
he leads to the Philippians

278. Troy & Faith Bierma - Nepal
Troy and Faith work with many areas that it is not safe to talk of our Lord. 

Yes - we are here in Rhos On Sea 
not only to bring a God Given restoration of the passions of the Founders of the 20th. 
Century Pentecostal Movements - we are here to bring a restoration of the landmarks to the Historic Churches of our Nation.

280. Kay Farmer - Belgium

I am so excited about this next step in missions that will begin in 2015. 
I will be serving along side of Missionaries Robert and Raquel Suarez as we begin a church 
plant in Antwerp, Belgium. The exciting part for me is where my love for Latin America will 
now collide with Europe! We will be starting an International Church but also reaching and serving the 
Latin American community of Antwerp.

281. Pastor Val - Phillipians
Pastor Val on the right, this group has been set up by Tommy and his wife on the left.
Now armed with many Bible studies Val will start training locale leaders to serve Christ.

282. Shaneqa - Lufkin Texas
Shaneqa is a new believer in Christ and searching ways to serve our Lord. 
Now armed with the tools and Bible Studies she may copy and freely give opening more 
doors serving our Lord.

We praise God for His protection and guidance over these past few months. 
We returned to our field in 2012 not knowing what the political situation would be after 
some upheaval earlier in the year. God has been faithful. Pray with us as we go on tour 
that God will give us many opportunities to present the exciting work of God around the world with the Alliance.

284. Jewels - Lufkin Texas
Jewels grew up in the church and as life went on pulled away but our Father 
had other planes. Jewels is now hungry for the word and the desire to learn and 
do more for our Father, now armed with so many Bible studies not only to learn more 
but to now be able to share our Lord with others.

Alan Prouty has been in the full-time ministry since 2001 serving the Kingdom in primarily administrative roles.  
Alan also served in the US Air Force for 14 years.  In addition to his role at Globe International Ministries, 
Alan serves on the staff of a local church where he was ordained as a pastor and leads short term 
missions trips when possible.  He met his wife on a short term trip to Ukraine and they have 5 children together.  
Alan has been serving missionaries with Globe since the fall of 2009.

Dave and Sue are working on the island of Andros in the Bahamas.  
Dave conducts Pioneer Clubs in Red Bays as well as helping Elvin Martin with building projects.  
Sue conducts ladies Bible studies in three different settlements.  
Their goal is to begin a Bible study for couples and for teens.

Recently the Lord opened the door for them to return to Debrecen, Hungary to a people 
and a land that they love very deeply. Joining hearts with a Hungarian pastor as members 
of a ministry team in an international church called A Ház (The House) their primary emphasis 
is the English speaking congregation mostly university students from several African nations. 
Michael teaches a student discipleship study group and often teaches the men’s ministry and preaches. 
By reaching these young men and women for Christ and disciplining them, they have the opportunity to 
prepare the next generation of potential leaders that will one day return to their countries. 
Shirley assists in discipleship, helps the children’s ministry program as an adviser, shares in the 
women’s ministry and has opened their home for an art club for teen-aged girls that is designed to 
help them develop their artistic talents and sow into their lives spiritual truths.

288. Rev Ellen Hendfield - Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera Bahamas

Pastor Henfield a teacher by profession wasted no time to become fully equipped for ministry 
as the Lord anointed her and gave her a heart of compassion for people. She obtained 
Christian Workers credentials in 1991 from the Assemblies of God, became ordained in May, 1999, 
was appointed Pastor of Calvary Temple, Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera in 1993 and six months later was installed 
in that position, February, 1994.Ministering to individuals in the community gives her extreme delight as she 
encourages them, gives hope to the sick and shut-ins, and winning those for Christ who never graced the 
doors of the sanctuary telling them about the love of God that is given abundantly. Rev. Henfield has 
completed various workshop courses at college level, is an Assemblies of God Bible College student, a 
graduate of Voice of Deliverance Bible College, Tennessee, U.S.A., and an active member of the Mothers Club, 
Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera. Pastor Henfield’s church hosted the National Women’s Ministries first 
annual “In His Presence” weekend, March 2003.

289. Pastor Juan Gacia Molineros - Salama Baja Verapaz Guatemala
Pastor Juan will share Christian films and Bible Studies in Salama Baja Verapaz 

299. Group 2 - France
This group will share are Lord all over France using films and Bible Studies to train leaders.

300. Pastor Bassem Alliance Church - Jerusalem
This group will share are Lord all over the Holy Land using films and Bible Studies to train leaders.

301. Brenda Ministry - Lufkin Texas
Brenda is new to the ministry and will by using all of the Bible Studies on the hard drive
to copy and help others start up their own ministries to serve our Lord.

302. Dorthy - Lufkin Texas
Dorthy has been a Christian for many years and now she will be using all 
of the Bible Studies on the hard drive to copy and send to others in ministry.

Pastor Don Crabtree works with the Tree of  Life Missions, Inc. 
The beautiful thing about serving the Lord is that each and every day, 
we can rely on His new mercies to carry us through whatever 
circumstance may come our way. He is truly faithful to all those who 
call on His name.

304. Jay Nelson Family - Dominican Republic

While we serve our Lord in the Dominican Republic, 
we see the many needs of the community of Sabaneta. 
They need Jesus. They need a church. We see the need for the 
Gospel to be proclaimed among the people who lived there. Now
thanks to this great hard drive gift we have more Bible studies to share.

305. Ruth's Home Bible Study Group - Lufkin Texas

Ruth has been a Christian for many years and now she will be using all 
of the Bible Studies on the hard drive to copy and send to others in ministry.

We are Joseph and Donna Childers, missionaries to the island country of Grenada.  

We believe we have a unique opportunity to reach this island for Christ, as Donna was born and raised 

in Grenville, Grenada. This town has nearly 25,000 souls, but not one Baptist church. Our desire is to plant 

a Baptist church there to reach the Grenadians, and teach them to plant churches in this, and other Caribbean islands. 

We ask that you would pray for us and prayerfully consider allowing us to share our burden with your church.

Our work, or ministry as we call it, includes both religious and social endeavors. 
The religious work is our ultimate goal and purpose for our presence in Haiti. 
But, the social part of our ministries is a natural result of our love for the Haitian people 
and our desire to show them the love of Jesus in us.

Pastor Gabriel lives in Nicaragua and travels to Cuba and over 15 
other Latin American countries training leaders and sharing our Lord. 

We desire to have a church in Bethel and from there, reach out into the villages of Alaska where 
people are dying without hope.  The "village life" is a place of great depression and discouragement 
and bondage for too many people and the only hope for any of them is the GOSPEL, simple, plain and true!!!  
Please PRAY for us as we endeavor to serve our Savior together in this great ministry.  
May GOD be glorified and honored by all our efforts to reach a lost and dying world for Him. 

Sid and Kathy Luke have been ministering to Chile and Mexico for over 30 years. 
They have done all kinds of evangelic ministries including street evangelism, church planting, 
leadership training, radio ministry, along with earthquake and tsunami relief.

310. Celebration Center - India
Now with films and many Bible studies Celebration Center will share these
studies with other churches opening a new form of Ministry.

311. Chennai - India
Now with films and many Bible studies this person will share these
studies with other churches opening a new form of Ministry. There names are 
not shared for their protection.

312. Living Word Church - India
Now with films and many Bible studies Living Word Church will share these
studies with other churches opening a new form of Ministry.

313. Madurai  - India
Now with films and many Bible studies this person will share these
studies with other churches opening a new form of Ministry. There names are 
not shared for their protection.

314. Prince of Peace Church - India
Now with films and many Bible studies Prince of Peace Church will share these
studies with other churches opening a new form of Ministry.

315. Tuticorin - India
Now with films and many Bible studies this person will share these
studies with other churches opening a new form of Ministry. There names are 
not shared for their protection.

316. Pastor Benjamin Zavala Bermudez - Mexico
Pastor Benjamin lives in the USA and travels to the Northern 
part of Mexico and will use the hard drive with the Bible studies to train leaders.

317. Rwanda Church Pastors - Africa
This church will use the Bible studies and hold training to many
church leaders in Rwanda

318. Uganda Church Pastors - Africa
This church will use the Bible studies and hold training to many
church leaders in Uganda

319. Juana Wilburn - Ghana Africa
I have been accepted as an AIMer which stands for an Associate in Missions 
under the United Pentecostal Church International Organization to Tamale Ghana with missionary Sis. Colleen Carter. 
While I am there I will be helping Sis. Carter do whatever is needed which will include office work, 
making tracks to pass out, binding Bible School curriculum books, outreach, and helping in Sunday school. 
It is just her there because she is not married so I’m sure I will get used in a lot more ways. 
I will all so set up a projector group for Gospel Outreach Association when I am in country. 

320. Diena Garcia Key of Kings - Texas
The Garcia Ministry is called King of Kings serving our Lord to the Spanish families living here in Texas.
They hold prayer groups and Bible studies every day and now armed with a hard drive
with all the Bible studies they will ever need.

Their ministry is training up leaders in all areas of Guatemala now with many 
Bible studies the can copy and hand out all free.

322. Karl and Rhonda Gross - Australia
Karl and Rhonda Gross, who have been on the governing board 
and part of the volunteer staff of GGM since we started in 2005, 
are going on a GGM mission trip to Australia.  
GGM is really happy about helping them make this trip.  
They will be heading to the outback for about two weeks to minister 
to the Aborigine people.  Both Karl and Rhonda have traveled with 
us to Africa and they are well equipped to do this rural ministry.

323. Shekinah Community Church International - South Africa
Now armed with a media box and hard drive with more Bible studies then 
one can use in over 10 years I will now be able to share our Lord to very large groups.

Tim & Beth have been working in Antigua starting in 2010 training new leaders through
the Islands.

325. Hung Kim - Yahgon Myanmar
Our primary ministry is church planting. We do have a small bible school as well.
I can't wait to receive the hard drive and use it in our ministry.
Again thank you so much for the hard drive. Lord bless you abundantly for your generosity.

There are many churches in the major cities of Ghana, however there is a longing in the hearts 
of the people for the truth. There are only about 60 fundamental independent Baptist churches 
in the whole country of about 27 million people. There are about 15,000 villages in the country of Ghana, 
many of which are still under the oppressive power of Satan. In the environment where people accept Christ 
and continue to practice traditional religions, they need to renounce all form of idolatry and trust in 
Christ Jesus alone, to save them and provide for their every need.

Victor and Eunice especially desire to see believers mature in the Word of God 
so they can live in victory and fulfill the purpose of God for their own lives. 
This is accomplished through powerful Church Worship and teaching Services, 
Bible Study Groups, New Believers classes, Cell Groups, Children’s Sunday School Classes 
and Powerful Youth Services. If you are looking for a family church where you 
and your family will thrive and flourish, you will find FATHER’S HOUSE FAMILY CHURCH 
to be a place you can call home. You will be enriched through the teaching of the 
Word of God, great worship services, covenant relationships and amazing fellowship.

328. Jared Tinega - Ogembo Kenya Africa
We started a family prayer group in the year 2006 until now we are a 
church of 3 congregations, have home church with 75 members, 
second congregation with 40 members and recently have opened new congregation 
at maasai community with 15 members. Maasai is a different tribe. 
We do evangelism in the village and pray for those in need. 
Again at our midst do look after 19 children who are total orphans. 
So we learn a small orphanage in my home and is where I stay with my family.  
My wife and I do love working in our small garden also love farming as 
we raising chickens as a project to meet orphans's daily needs. 
Will love to share more as you ask brother. 
Am 32 years old and God Has blessed me with a beautiful daughter.

These men devote their lives to serve our Lord and live on faith. 
The Brotherhood aims to live the Gospel in a direct and simple way following 
Christ’s example of prayer, mission and service. The brothers take the vows of poverty, chastity 
and obedience, but these are not life vows but for a period of five years, which can be renewed. 
They train for three years as novices and make their vows as brothers at the Feast of St Simon and St Jude.

330. Luis Tiul - Belize

I had found Luis in an Indian village ...his heart so enlarged it looked as though he had swallowed a big balloon! 
He had to work for every breath. I took him to Dr Marenco at the local hospital. Dr Marenco ex-rayed him 
and told me there was no hope, nothing they could do there. (This hospital in Punta Gorda was so 
under equipped one could hardly call it a hospital. It is at the very bottom of the country and at that time 
was over 100 miles of very rough dirt road from the rest of the country.) He told me to take him back 
to the village. I did. I prayed for him and took him back to his family. Soon after that Dr Marenco sent 
a messenger to ask me to go get Luis and bring him in because a heart specialist from India would be 
in town for 4 hours only and he wanted him to look at Luis. I did. When we arrived the two doctors had 
already studied the ex-rays. Dr Marenco knew what Luis had looked like a few days prior. They were 
astonished at what they saw when I walked in with Luis. The Lord had totally healed him! The Dr 
from India told me that in his country when one saves another's life that one whose life was saved 
becomes a servant to the one who saved his life for the remainder of his life. "So," he asked, "Will 
you be taking Luis back to the US with you?"  I said, "OH, Doctor, I did not save Luis's life! Jesus did !  
So he will need to serve Jesus with the rest of his life."   And Luis has been so in love with the Lord 
all these years. His children are so well disciplined in love and so well behaved. Most play musical 
instruments and help in the worship. I just remembered he sent a more recent picture of his church 
during a 3 day meeting in which 26 new souls came to the Lord. I will have to look to see if I can locate 
that one for you. They had so many people that they had to have it under a tent next to the church 
because the church wasn't big enough to hold the crowd.

Pastor Keith  is a sent messenger to the  body of Christ! 
He has a teaching ministry that teaches the uncompromised word of God through faith which 
breaks yokes of bondage and sets the captives free.  Pastor Keith trains and oversees minister's of 
the gospel by providing mentorship and spiritual leadership. Pastor Keith is a delivered substance abuser 
who dedicates his life to helping others who struggle to get delivered.  God has graced him with an anointing 
of restoration and deliverance in the body of Christ.

Leo Lytle Ministries is an evangelistic ministry sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
through preaching, evangelism, revival services and "The Door".

Roman & Yoena spend much of their time in missions to Mexico teaching children and serving in the church.

334. Stacy Beaumont Tx
Stacy shares his faith everyday he works for a living center in Beaumont Tx. 
He is all ways looking for opportunities not only to share our Lord but to live it. 

335. Vaughn Lowman - Raleigh, NC.

It has been my contention for several years that more missionary work 
is happening outside the corporate church than has been dreamed of. 
God has enlisted dedicated souls who will follow the Spirit's prompting and 
go to places near and far that need something more than standard fare. 
How blessed are the one's who leave their home and go to a place they 
have no clue of what they will encounter and just do what the early Disciples 
did at the command of Jesus---they meet people in strange ways that guide them 
and or shelter them. Vaughn has been in many countries in this same way---some places 
where hostility would hinder a larger venue. Brother Vaughn Lowman, 
a mechanic and maintenance dept. leader for the Police Dept., Raleigh, NC. 
A servant who uses his own resources and is not dependent on offerings or church sponsorship.

336. Evangelist Joe & Donna Aulds

Joe has been in the full-time evangelism for twenty three years and has preached revivals 
in 37 states and several foreign countries. His goal is to see the church revived and the lost saved.

337. Glenn Manning - Tyler Texas

Glenn Manning is not only instrumental to Oliver Evangelistic Assoc., Int., Inc. 
But also to Gospel Outreach Assoc. Glenn has given many hours of his time working 
with me by putting together Bible studies from the Zadok Publishing Newletter Div. that C. R. Oliver puts out every month. 
These studies we have shared all over the world and getting Spirit lead teaching into the hands of 
those who need these tools, plus getting all of these studies on the web for the world to down load free. 
What a blessing to me this man of faith and brother in Christ is.

338. James Eby - Mission Catalyst 10/40 Window

James Eby is the Founder/President of Mission Catalyst Int. 
We were so blessed to be able to hand him a Bible study hard drive and a media box for his work in Asia. 
Mission Catalyst presently ministers in many countries of the 10/40 window, 
they also work in both East Africa and West Africa.

339. Ken Womack - Mission Catalyst 10/40 Window

Ken Womack is the Director of Pastoral Training teaching with over 30 years of experience. 
We were blessed to hear all our Lord has been doing training up and sending others in Asia to work for our Lord. 
We were blessed to give Ken one of the Bible study hard drives and a media box to enhance the library of our Lord to share with all.

340. Tom and Kate Cornell - Walk In The Light International

Walk in the Light is committed to transforming Burkina Faso through sustainable community development. 
We aim to see Burkina Faso break free from physical, mental, social, and spiritual poverty by 
empowering people to follow Jesus and make disciples that transform West Africa.

341. Adrian - Kazaksthan

Adrian is missionary to Kazaksthan now armed with a media box and hard drive of Bible studies to 
share our Lord to the country of Kazaksthan.

342. Bob Altemus - San Antonio TX
Bob is serving our Lord training others to serve and he will use this 
media box and Bible study hard drive in hes ministry.

343. Donny West - San Antonio TX
Donny works with Bob and he all so will be using the media box and Bible study 
hard drive to serve our Lord.

344. Goodluck Olotu - Tanzania Africa
Mr. Goodluck is a student studying to be a pastor in Tanzania. 
We have been blessed to get him and tablet and a hard drive with many Bible Studies 
that he will share in his ministry.

345. Sammy Nyawa - Kwale Africa
Sammy is on the left we where blessed to have Pastor Sammy Nyawa as part of 
our Lord's teaching team to share our Lord in Kenya for Kwale is part of the country of Kenya Africa. 

346. Brandon Brasher - Lufkin Tx
Brandon is a youth Pastor here in Lufkin Tx. now armed with a hard drive 
he will use this in his ministry teaching the youth.

347. Mark and Pam Best - Asia
Mark and Pam are Missionaries serving our Lord in Asia and now he will 
all so share all of the Bible studies that are on the hard drive in their ministry.

348. Matt Faircloth - Tool Tx
Matt is a Pastor in Tool Tx armed with the media box and Bible study hard drive 
to use in his church to serve our Lord.

349. Ghiorghi and Cristina Cazacu - Gospel Ministries International

Ghiorghi and Cristina Cazacu founded Gospel Ministries International and Hope for the Family in 1996. 
For over two decades God has used them to transform nations through a network of pastors and evangelists who 
proclaim the Gospel and have planted dozens of churches in three Eastern European nations (Romania, Moldova, and Transniestria). 
GMI trains and equips these men and women through bible school training and discipleship. Alongside this army of the Lord, 
the Cazacu's provide humanitarian relief to the orphanages, poor, widows and elderly. GMI helps support rehabilitation centers 
and national missionaries are active in prison ministries. Families are enabled to become self-sufficient with small businesses 
such as bee farms or greenhouses. Institutionalized children are being placed in loving Christian families called Homes of Hope. 
The Cazacus have been married 29 years and have adopted 6 children. They have become role models of adoption for others. 
Many are being saved and healed daily through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
We are so thankful and appreciative of the friends and partners who are co-laboring together with God to impact nations along side us.

350. ROBERT & MARY GRINDLEY - Botswana

Robert & Mary Grindley answered the call to preach the Gospel in Africa. 
Since that time they have been involved in many types of ministry and currently reside in  Selebi-Ohikwe, 
a mining town in central Bostwana with a population of approximately 65,000. Branch Ministries 
now includes works and projects of church planting, evangelistic outreach, leadership conferences, 
Branch Bible Courses ( ministerial training ) , Powerhouse Sports, Ladies of Virtue & Excellence, 
Children of Promise ( orphan project ), and Marrage & Parenting Seminars.

351. Robert Bailey-Lufkin Tx
Interim Pastor to Faith Fellowship Church in Lufkin Tx.

352. Shawn Cook - Montenegro - Gospel to Montenegro

We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission, 
sharing the Gospel through evangelism, Bible Study and Discipleship.

353. Travis Tatum - Uttermost Global Outreach

Brother Tatum has already completed nearly ten missionary trips to eastern Africa evangelizing 
and teaching the Word of God in the rural villages of southern Uganda. Uttermost Global Outreach, 
a mission organization pioneered by Brother Tatum, launched in April of this year and has recently partnered 
with World Missions to Asia sharing the common goal of making disciples for Christ.

354. Portia Sharp - Sharp Ministries 

I have been traveling to Asia, Africa, Guatemala and India since 1999 when I first felt the call 
to share the good news of the Gospel to those in foreign lands. Teaching and training ministers and leaders in seminars, 
Bible Schools and conferences with a word that encourages them and gives them the tools to train others and reach their nation.

355. ACA Church - Chennai India
Thanks too Pastor Samuel for setting up this group in India.

356. Church of God - Srivaikundam India
Thanks too Pastor Samuel for setting up this group in India.

357. Good Samaritan Church - Kodaikanal India
Thanks too Pastor Samuel for setting up this group in India.

358. Mary Ann Cassidy - Leadership Training International
Mary Ann Cassidy travels all over the world teaching the love of our Lord and now armed with 
a Bible Study hard drive she can share this studies to the world.

Ron and Rina, both native South Africans, lead Africa Missions. They are continually 
on the field, preaching, teaching, helping, encouraging, and planning new exploits for the Kingdom of God.

Peter de Witt is the Chairman of the Africa Missions Board. He was CEO of Apostolic Faith Mission 
of SA for 25 years, and has served on the BOD of Africa Missions since it’s inception 22 years ago.

His active interest in Africa Missions and his influence has given structure to Africa Missions 
programs and helped us function more effectively in administration.

Herman is the Director of Evangelism of Africa Missions and was also the principal of our 
Bible college in Sunnyside. He teaches the Evangelism Explosion Training in Central/East Africa and in South Africa. 
He is pioneering a satellite Bible College in Uganda, where most of the students are pastors with their own churches.

363. Bransford Family - Nairobi Kenya

Serving through AIM (African Inland Missions), 
the Bransfords, from their home base in Nairobi, lead training and coordination of 
outreach teams to live among and minister to Unreached People Groups across the continent of Africa.

364. Camille and Hoda Melki (Heart for Lebanon)

To see lives changed and communities transformed through facilitating proper education, 
providing humanitarian aid, strengthening community development and promoting leadership empowerment. 
Serving over 2,000 individuals yearly, the Melkis’ ministry has included the development and launch of Heart for Lebanon, 
developing a strong volunteer base, hosting work camps, and serving at Mediterranean Bible College. 
The Melkis continue to work to meet the needs of refugees, the poor and marginalized.

365. CRAIG AND CHERIE LA BARBERA - African Outreach Mission

In 2012, Craig and Cherie received a full time call to Kenya, Africa, where they were overseers of a children's home and school
as well as ministering the gospel in various denominations. African Gospel Outreach Mission has an outreach to "street boys." 
366. Diego Chuyma and Family - Bolivia
The Chuyma Family has been serving in missions for many 
years in Bolivia and has now returned to the USA to work for our Lord.

Dr. Scarborough continues to speak to pastors with Vision America, 
and currently serves with Pastor Jim Garlow in Washington, D.C., as Skyline Wesleyan Church’s SkylineDC Pastor
He is devoting his time to disciple members of Congress and other governmental leaders. 
He is initiating Bible studies, focusing on the various agencies and departments such as the State Department, 
Department of Health and Human Services, the Judiciary, Department of Energy, White House Staff, to name a few. 
Vision America now possesses a unique opportunity to bring meaningful change to America’s Capitol.

368. Blake Davis - Guatemala
Missionary to Guatemala in a small village just south of Guatemala City.

369. Kenneth Resacker & Sam - Lake Jackson Tx
Kenneth is just finished seminary in 2018 and is seeking a door for his family to serve.

370. Norman Wants - Crimson Christian Academy Lufkin Tx
Norman is the Director of Crimson Christian Academy and 
is heart is to train up our youth in our Lord.

371. Taco and Susan Gaddy
Taco and Sue serve our Lord opening there home every Sunday 
with a meal and sharing our Lord.

372. Paul D. - Gospel Outreach Association IT
Paul aids in searching out missions in the world and uses his gift as a IT tech. 
He is a blessing to our Lord's ministry.