Inside Story

Those of us who live in "the West" take so much for granted.  We can pick up a Bible and read it any time we want and have access to a variety of Bible-study aids.  Now, consider Central America.  In the smaller towns and villages, most cannot read.  For many, Spanish is at best a second language.  Please partner with us to proclaim the eternal gospel to every nation, tribe, language and people (see Revelation 14:6).

Gospel Outreach Association (GO) is excited to tell you about what God has been doing through out the world in reaching this world for Christ.

With today's technology having visual media to aid Ministries GO has aided many Missionaries and Churches with the tools for them to share our Lord. We have been so blessed to aid ministries in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and many Island Nations in the Pacific and Atlantic. 

Presently, GO has 9 teams set up with 8mm video cameras filming Bible-teaching classes. In addition, with the help of over 50 Guatemala churches, these teams are filming the New Testament in drama form. So far, we have completed 15 books of the bible in English, French, Khmer and Spanish also 4 books in Cakchiquel. GO has 4 teams set up with computers that transfer the Bible classes from the 8mm cameras to CDs. Using the dramas filmed by the camera crews, the computer teams are also producing the New Testament in movie form on DVD’s. When the DVD’s are completed, they get the new films out to the projector film teams to share the message with whoever will listen. With 52 different languages in Guatemala alone, these teams are also working on translating the Bible word-for-word in MP3 format to be used with the New Testament movies. These teams are also working on translating Bible studies in book form into other languages for others to study Gods word in their own tongue.

We have also put together a film animation team: This team has created over 1200 Christian Animation Films in English, French and in Spanish. These films are all free and can be downloaded from the internet. Please visit Free Ministry Tools page to view top left of this page.

We see this style of mission work as an incredible way to bring the good news to native peoples and cultures throughout the world, and believe that it is now time to expand this ministry.  Sharing the salvation message does come at a cost.  Gospel Outreach Association believes what is said in Matthew 6:8: “…our Father knows our needs before we ask.” Our Father will bring in the finances, our job is to pray and go.

The board members of GO would like to take the time to discuss our organization at greater length with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Thank you very much for your time.

In Christ,

Kevin Stoltenburg

Field Coordinator, Gospel Outreach Association

If you were interested in supporting Gospel Outreach Association financially and/or would like to become a prayer partner, please contact:

Gospel Outreach Association

P.O. Box 953 Lakebay, WA  98349  USA

or goassociation-fieldrep1 AT yahoo DOT com 

Gospel Outreach Association is a Christian evangelistic and benevolence organization. We stress an outreach that maximizes simplicity. We hope to embody as much as possible the spirit behind the colloquialism: more Jesus and less religion. That being said we would not disregard the importance of accountability. This is in accord with what we see in the New Testament as an emphasis on a very personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and the unity that true believers have in Christ Jesus, a unity that transcends theological differences. In this blending of a very personal faith with the unity that is found in Christ Jesus we reach out with the true hope that is provided only in His Name.

In our work, we strive to serve those in need and in that capacity emulate the life of our Lord when he sojourned on Earth. In our service, we gain a measure of respect from those we serve, increasing the probability they will desire to know about the hope, which they are able to see in our day-to-day interactions. In that way, we have opportunity to share the Gospel in an effective manner.

Gospel Outreach Association is a very cost efficient organization. Volunteers carry out all administrative work and much of the work in the field.

There are many countries that are full of people who still have a measure of hope. We desire to reach out a helping hand to the indigenous peoples while they still have that hope. It is much more difficult to reach a people who are in despair.

The Gospel

  • Christian Films- Our Volunteers show Spanish language Christian films along with a Gospel presentation (local churches are tasked to follow up on the discipleship of any new believers or to answer questions).  Films are shown in churches, public schools and public squares.
  • Training Seminars- We provide in-depth biblical training to pastors and others.  The seminars bring scriptural clarity and depth to those participating so that participants are better equipped to preach and teach.  The seminars provide train-the-trainer opportunities to raise up teachers who can move the biblical teachings to remote villages.
  • Continual Expansion- We have spread out from Guatemala to the world.
  • Cable Television-  Gospel Outreach seminars and locally produced thematic dramas are being shown on public cable TV.
  • Radio- Christian and Morality based dramas and commercials are being aired.
  • Inter-Net - We have completed many Power Point Bible Studies and Christian Animated Films that are on the inter-net free to use with over 4000 views a month and over 60 countries down loading them to date.

The Gospel in the Language of the People

  • Native Languages- Our vision is to broaden the scope of the ministry and reach the people in their own native tongue.  Spanish is not generally the first language of most of the indigenous people that we are trying to reach.
  • Christian Films- We are creating Gospel oriented films that are produced in the specific indigenous languages of the people.  Please note:  we would love to simply dub over the soundtracks of existing Spanish language films with our own indigenous language track, but have not yet been able to obtain permission.

The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that, under section 501 (c) (3), donors may deduct contributions to this organization to the extent that their contributions are gifts, with no consideration received.