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John has been to churches as a preaching evangelist, entertainment for VBS, Upwards Basketball, outreach events and special occasions. He has served as camp pastor at several children’s camps and has performed for DARE assemblies and in public schools with a positive self esteem message. John has spoken to the Lions Club, Red Cross, performed at trade shows and been an emcee.  


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John Hill is an Evangelist, a magician and a full time air traffic controller.  John is a believer in the teaching principle of using the eyes to aid the ears in learning.

 Whether John is preaching the Gospel Message, sharing your corporate ideals or teaching kids about self-esteem and making right choices, his message is made more memorable by the presentation. 


Here's what others are saying about John:


Mix magic with the highly sought after minister and speaker

John Hill, then throw in a unique message of the Gospel of Jesus

and you have an unforgettable show. A show that is entertaining,

informative and creates a moving experience!        


Castlewood Shows and Entertainment

Lebanon MO



John presented the gospel in magic at our largest youth outreach

event of the year.  We have sponsored a lock-in each year for 5 years 
as a way to get unchurched young people through the door the first 
time, and then share the gospel with them.  John came in and 
presented in a somewhat chaotic atmosphere and the Lord shined 
through him.  The illusions caught and held the attention of youth 
and adults alike, and the Holy Spirit held hearts through the last 
word spoken.  Eternal decisions were made that evening because of 
John's ministry.

Amy Greenway

Youth leader

First Baptist Crane



We here at the Salvation Army, have been very blessed by this ministry.  The children and senior citizens that attend our programs had the experience of receiving the love and joy of the Lord during the show.  I, as director of these programs, am very impressed with the evangelistic opportunities through this ministry.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Luciana Crisp                                                                                 

Director of Community Services                                                  

The Salvation Army  

Springfield MO   







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