Practice Rules

  • No street shoes in the wrestling room. Please take them off at the door before entering the room. This is mandatory for hygienic and health reasons. Also, please keep your child's fingernails trimmed. Referees check them before each match for safety reasons.

Practice Intent

There are 3 basic positions:

  1. Top / Bottom / Neutral
  2. Take Downs and Counters
  3. Single leg – double leg – high crotch – cross face – sprawling

The following are the areas which we believe need to be worked on extensively in each position.

  1. Position
  2. Balance
  3. Lowering elevations
  4. Getting in close
  5. Making the shot
  6. Stance
  7. Penetration

Bottom/Referee Position

  1. Stand-up – switch – sit out and turn in (high)
  2. Position, hips, hand control, constant movement, elbows in, square up

Top/Referee Position

  1. Ankle breaks – arm chops – spiral
  2. Hips, angles, staying off knees, under arms, weight on bottom man, wrist control

Practice Requirements
  • A minimum of two practices per week is required for your child to be eligible to hold a position on Varsity or JV. This requirement must also be met in order to wrestle off for a Varsity or JV position. Illness or injury will be treated on a case by case basis. Please contact a coach if you will miss a practice or match.

Wrestle Offs
  • Wrestle-offs will be held before the season starts to determine the initial roster for the Varsity and JV teams. In order to provide your child the opportunity for advancement on the team, a sign-up sheet for weekly wrestle offs will be posted on the wrestling room door. Those wishing to wrestle off must place their name on the list by the Tuesday prior to the Friday wrestle off. A child who earns a position on Varsity or JV will be responsible to defend it if challenged in a wrestle off. Note that wrestle offs will cease once a child has wrestled 5 matches in their Varsity or JV position; the child being locked into that position per league rules.

Wresting Room Conduct
  • Only coaches and wrestlers are invited in the wrestling room during practice. Due to the acoustics and limited size of our wrestling room, parents and siblings are asked to sit outside in the hallway. Please bring a chair and some reading material and relax outside while the coaches instruct your child in the fine art of wrestling.