Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire - 1991

I've still to write something about my time at the Ouse Washes, mowing washes and chasing cattle. The best I can do at the moment is a couple of pictures. The picture below is of the place I lived at, Welches Dam, the HQ for the RSPB on the Ouse washes.

Actually I lived in the caravan you can just see peaking out to the right of the cottage.

Welches Dam acquired an unhappy notoriety in 1849, when 11 fatal cases of cholera occurred in a parish that had had only 187 inhabitants. Most of the fatalities were amongst the 81 occupiers of a group of 16 cottages huddled against the Old Bedford River bank and hence very damp. It's the Old Bedford you can see in the picture.

Below is a picture I like of me and my dad when the parents came to visit me one day.