Gibraltar Point - 1985-1988

I first visited Gib in October 1985, and this was where I first experienced bird ringing and the joys of autumn migration. During sixth form holidays and college holidays (1986 and 1987)  I was lucky enough to be able to do extended spells of voluntary wardening at Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire. This National Nature Reserve, run by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust was my first real taste of reserve work, and I loved it.

Eventually, and as the final paid placement of my HND course in Conservation Management, I was employed as a Seasonal Assistant Warden, with main responsibility for breeding shorebirds (although the least said about that the better! It wasn't a good year for them, although I don't think I was totally to blame!). I spent most of my time out and about on the reserve carrying out habitat management, with the odd bit of birding thrown in.

Me outside the Tern Hut at Gib in 1988.

I'm still in contact with the wonderful acquaintances made at Gib, and we now meet up each autumn to thrash the place for birds, drink beer and eat curry. Grrrr!!! The pdf at the bottom of this page records the 2010 visit, with rather fruity language in places, and possibly libellous comments.
Paul Gosling,
17 Feb 2011, 14:23