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My UK list isn't extravagant as I don't "twitch". The majority is self-found and any additional species I pick up these days are gratefully received and joyously celebrated!!

I've been interested in birds for a good few years now. In fact my first birding notebook entry was on the 3rd June 1983! I remember my initial reason for starting was seeing a Big Bird Race programme around Norfolk with, among others Bill Oddie. It looked great fun and, for a teenage boy, included all of the elements that appealed to me (hunting, collecting, science etc).
As time has gone on I've worked at sites with excellent birds, as well as contributing to surveys of common and not so common breeding birds (Dartford Warbler and Nightjar at Arne in Dorset stick out). I started bird ringing in 1985 which gave rise to some interesting times (see photo on left taken during Canada Goose ringing in the West Mids, circa 1986).
I'm not a "twitcher" although I have done my share of it in the distant past. I currently enjoy the birds of my local area (see my book) as well as the odd excursion on holiday or to meet up with old friends at Gibraltar Point (see this page).
I've taken a few bird picture which, if you're interested, can be found on the Birdguides website.
I'll write some more when I have time :-)