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About Gosling

Welcome to the Gosling's Wildlife Website. Here you'll find pictures, writings and a host of other things related to the Gosling Family's interest in the natural world. The family comprises (R to L) Paul (Dad), Madeleine (8), Francesca (11) and Annette (Mum).

To be honest, it's only Paul is truly interested in wildlife, Maddy tending to try and eat it, Francesca feigning indifference, and Annette running away screaming from it or falling asleep through boredom, but we're working on it.

If you look to the left of the screen you'll see a sidebar which lists the themes covered by this site. We hope that this will grow over time to reflect my interests.

I have been involved with nature conservation for 25 years, having worked for Lincolshire Wildlife Trust, National Trust and RSPB, as well as being employed as an Ecologist by numerous consultancies.

For the last 10 years I worked as an Environmentl Manager at the Borough Council of Wellingborough, concentrating on resource use and renewable energy. I was made redundant in July 2010 and have set up as a self employed handyman, which sure beats sitting behind a desk all day!

I keep up my ecological interests in my spare time, as well as leading a "Beginning with Bird Song" course for the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust each spring (details here), birdsong being one of my specialities.

Hope to see you around sometime!