Hull #2 - Number Two, also known as "v2"

The demise of Gortobot #1 ("Colossus") got us thinking. I made this "what-if" matrix to address some of the possible deficiencies.

"What If" Matrix

 One of the motor burns outCode so that if a motor is supposedly running, but the mast is not turning, shut down the motor (disabled=true) and send diagnostic
 One of the mast seals leaksSeparate the motor compartment from everywhere else? Difficult with the way we seat the mast in a bearing sleeve on the hull. But we could waterproof the electronics compartment and foam fill everywhere else
 The solar panel fails or becomes disconnectedRedundant panel? Use 2 of the same size and either can provide enough power 
 Battery failsRedundant battery pack? (2) x 4000mA would suffice 
 Masts leakFill the masts with expandable foam, and epoxy the bottom 

So- how is Gortobot v2 different than #1?
  1. I did make some code changes to handle getting stuck within the sail trimming routine. If a certain time passes without the sail responding, the code will give up and move on.
  2. I designed the boat to use a single mast. The whole purpose of two sails was to go downwind really well. But I figure that I could program the boat to simply gybe every X minutes and it will zig-zag downwind just as well. One mast means half as many deck penetrations to keep sealed, etc. Lighter, cheaper, more reliable.
  3. I did not go for redundant power supply and storage. I spent more time affixing wires and connections so that nothing comes detached.
  4. The electronics are within a waterproof box within the hopefully waterproof hull. So if we do get leakage, at least the electronics will be spared for awhile.
  5. One of the most important lessons that I've learned is that I not only need to design for the final journey, but also for the testing phase. If it's time-consuming to take the boat apart and make changes, you are disinclined to do so. A lot more can be refined and tested if the boat comes apart more easily. So, modularity is your friend. Next time I will invest in boxes that can be changed out easily, etc.
Wish Gortobot v2 luck, and check out the sub-pages for more details on this second attempt!
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