The Gortobot project has a goal of sailing a small, robotic boat around the world.

More specifically:
  • Launch the first attempt within 1 year*
  • Control the boat via the Internet
  • Send off less than $500 of parts (to its likely doom)
  • Have fun trying
There is no speed requirement. Since the boat will follow trade routes, it does not need to go upwind. Therefore, a simple hull and rig, capable of surviving the elements and steering across or off the wind, is essential. Theoretically, this can be accomplished by controlling the trim of the sail alone (i.e., no active steering is required.)

The boat is not taking pictures nor any measurements other than those necessary to complete the mission. So, it will report its position and system voltage at intervals it receives via satellite instructions. It will also receive an ordered sail trim angle, which it will maintain until instructed otherwise.

Pretty simple...

The first attempt (hull #1 "Colossus") was launched in Oct. 2015 and made it about 11 days and 350 nautical miles east from Gloucester, MA, USA.
The second attempt (hull #2 "Number Two") will be launched soon! It is competing in the Microtransat race. No boat has made it to the start line, so we're hoping to be the first to at least get there...