*Flash Tactics: Vacant Steel*

- Arcady 2D real-time tactics game -

By Nathan Franck


If you've been living in a cave for the past while, let me fill you in on the
world's latest events. The Second Cold War is over. Korea, as part of the AUC, has commited
a blatant act of aggression. Without warning they struck Los Angeles with a bio-weapon,
killing 90% of the city's population in the first week and spreading across the North
American continent. Yielding innumerable casualties, it turned the North American continent
into a third world nation within a couple of months. With the very distinct possibility of
an attack on Europe from Russia, we can't sit around any longer. You are leading one of the
hundreds of fronts on Russia's soil. Your success will result in the fall of Russia and the
Asian Union of Communism, and the general freedom of all individuals under the universal
power of the United Nations. 

Good luck.



- 2d perspective of an artillery game matched with the fast paced decisiveness of a real time tactics game!

- Achieve greater scores and become a military millionaire! (apparently this is the future of military)

- It's interesting...


- Resolution set to at least 1024*768.

- python/pygame genius (at this point)

Download: Flash Tactics: Vacant Steel

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