Worlds First Gutter Guard with a Built-In Power Washer! 

So you can Maintain your Gutters and Gutter Guards.........

Worlds First and Only Gutter Guard with a Built-in Power Washer
so you can maintain your gutters and gutter guards 

With all of the other gutter guards on the market,  you will have to get on a ladder to either clean off the gutter guard or possibly have to remove the guards to flush out the muck and roof grit that will form inside the gutters.

  • Auto-Clean™ Power Washer Blast the Muck, Roof Grit and Debris out of your gutters and off of your gutter guard! FROM THE GROUND! 
  • Auto-Melt™melts the ice and snow on the water channel to prevent dangerous Ice cycles and water damage to fascia boards, siding, landscaping and foundation!
  • Water Dam Technology™ Stops the water in its tracks and then releases it into the gutters below!
  • Gorilla Drip Edge™ Channel prevents staining down the face of gutters!
  • Strong Gauge Aluminum, Almost twice at thick as the leading competitor  (up to .032 thick)
  • Installs fast and adjusts to ALL Types of Gutters, Different Gutter brackets.
  • Installs on 4",5",6" and commercial size 7" gutters. 
  • No interfering with the roofing shingles!
  • Handles any downpour!
  • Manufactured from heavy .019" .027" and .032" gauge aluminum.
  • Over 20 colors to chose from!
  • 25 year material warranty.
  • The Most affordable gutter guards in the industry!