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   Gorge Tillicum Urban Farmers 

     A Community for Food Security

Contact:  Gabe Epstein at 250-382-1328 for more information.

 GTUF in a Nutshell
A Garden's Bounty

Gorge Tillicum Urban Farmers is a community of people who live  or work in the Gorge Tillicum neighbourhood. 

• We share information about food production and support with each other to produce more food locally.

We connect through meetings, garden tours, email  contact, workshops, projects, etc.

We promote food security and healthy agricultural and food systems.

We welcome diversity in our membership and in the functioning  of GTUF.

We provide a platform for discussion and a context within which initiatives can be launched.  We do not take positions on ways to achieve our purpose; we invite members to participate in ways they see fit. Consequently, what we do – the projects and activities we initiate – depend on the passions, interests, and assets of  our members. Choices are made individually and collectively.
We encourage discussion, participation, collaboration, generosity, creativity, personal ownership and fun – and we work with as little urgency as we can!

Our Purpose:

Strawberries and Lavendar

We are a group of people who live or work in the Gorge Tillicum community.  We have a two-fold purpose:

Sharing information about, and practical support for, various aspects of food production

Expanding understanding about the nature of food security and involvement in promoting it.


We seek to promote and maximize food production, community food security and the well-being of our food systems – thereby contributing to personal and collective resilience in as wide a variety of settings as possible, and in as sustainable a manner as possible.


Bee on Kale Blossoms

We envision living and working in a vibrant neighbourhood, in a manner that promotes the well-being of ourselves as well as of future generations.  Such a neighbourhood would be socially, economically and environmentally healthy, equitable, sustainable and resilient.

Growing in Pots


We value:
The availability of fresh, nutritious food.

The satisfaction that comes from enjoying the fruits of one’s own labour.

The occasional moments of joy, peace, connection, insight, respect and awe that can come from working in a garden.

The connection with Nature that can come from producing one’s own food.

Food production that is organic and sustainable, and that promotes local self-sufficiency and resilience.

An organization that is built on a shared vision and that is inclusive, accessible, supportive and transparent in its operation.
A community that is diverse, creative, connected, communicative, and proactive.


It is becoming apparent that the dominant human cultures on our planet, particularly during the past century and for a variety of reasons, have developed practices that are detrimental to ourselves, our neighbours, and the environment. 

We can choose, instead, to change direction, to harness our collective wisdom, compassion, and creativity to select and put in place practices that allow ourselves and our communities, locally and further afield, to develop resilience and to live sustainably on our planet.  Such a venture would, amongst other things, involve restructuring our food systems – locally, regionally and globally – in order to address issues of global climate change, the depletion of oil and other fossil fuels, economic crises, and (here on Vancouver Island) potential earthquakes.