Quality Storage Solutions for your Beautiful Home

Gorgeous Garage of East Texas combines the great Monkey Bars garage storage system with exceptional service and then offers you the following,
                                    unheard of guarantee.

*NO RISK Installation.  We are so confident that you will be pleased with the Monkey Bars system and workmanship, that we promise to remove the system the
                                    day it is installed if you are not satisfied!  You will owe us absolutely nothing.  If you have ever heard of such an offer that involves custom
                                    installation, please let us know.

*Free Demonstration, Free Storage Analysis, Free Estimate.  We can bring a full size demo model to your driveway in our special trailer.  You can walk in and
                                    get a hands-on experience. Feel the quality, test the strength, see what the special hooks can hold and then envision how it will help your garage.

*7 AM - 9 PM for Your Needs.  We understand that your time is important and that your schedule is busy.  We are available to meet with you by appointment,
                                    Monday through Saturday for demonstrations, estimates, or even for installation.

*Helping Hands.  We also spend extra time with you to help hang up all those items and assist in moving the heavy things around.  For our senior customers,
                                    we will load your heavy items on the shelf at your direction.  We like to see a smile on your face before we leave.

Please give us a call today at 903-570-5231 or visit the main Monkey Bars website at www.GorgeousGarage.com.

If you prefer to have your possessions hidden out of sight?  We also offer quality, factory built, cabinets from Oklahoma as well as a fully custom cabinets that are built locally. 
Visit www.GarageStorageCabinets.com for more information about American quality cabinets.

In today's economy, many are electing to stay in their current homes and upgrade it to fit their needs.  The garage is often the repository for all the overflow items from the interior, all the big and little kid toys, as well as the storage location for the yard and garden equipment.  If your car can still fit inside, you feel lucky!  A crowded garage is not necessary if you take advantage of the all the available space using the Gorgeous Garage Monkey Bars Shelf and Rack system.

Imagine a super strong, very attractive, permanent storage system that is wall mounted, off the floor, and uses the space more efficiently than cabinets or free standing shelves, and you are starting to picture the patented Monkey Bars System.  Need long term storage of heavy or bulky items?  Tired of dragging Christmas decorations up and down through a tiny attic door?  Then what could you do with a 2 foot wide shelf that runs the length of your garage walls and that is mounted high enough to use the space all the way to the ceiling and yet provide an integrated hanging system underneath?  Can you see the long term storage finally up and out of the way?  Do you see a nice clean floor space for the car or maybe even that work bench you have been wanting?

No other system is guaranteed to hold 1000 pounds for every 4 feet of shelf!  Beautifully powder coated, super strong, professionally installed by friendly, reliable people who will assist you in buying only the right amount for your space and possessions.  Give us a call today for a no obligation, zero pressure, absolutely free storage analysis and estimate.  If you prefer, send me a few pics of your garage and the wall dimensions, and we will email you back a rough idea of the options and price range that fits your needs and space.