What is Gor?

“How could a woman be more perfectly and completed dominated, more helpless, more dependent on a male, more vulnerable, more subject to a man’s will, more at a man’s mercy than to be literally his, an owned slave?” Tribesmen of Gor - Page 320





Gor is based on a book series by John Norman. It outlines a second planet where human slavery exists.  There are Free Men and Women (just as it sounds) and male and female slaves. When most people speak of Gorean slaves or training, they are generally talking about the slaves that are called pleasure slaves in the books. There are other slaves that do various other things ( like field work, metal work, hard labor, ect.) but for the most part, the pleasure slave is what we will talking about on this site in reference to slaves. Pleasure slaves were not only cherished for their beauty, but also for their talents (not only the sexual ones). Slaves are expected to know how to dance seductively, with the dance itself telling a story.


They are to be intelligent; a literate and well read slave is more interesting to talk to. A slave is an outward expression in how her Master trains her. If she is disobedient, it not only shows her misbehavior, but also shows that her Master has not yet managed to fully train her to be pleasing to those around them. It should be mentioned here that on Gor, slaves are mere objects. Literally owning nothing and unable to accept anything unless given permission by their Master/Mistress. There are several different things that slaves must learn and be able to do. The more the know, the better trained they are, the more of an asset they are to their Master/Mistress.


That is the very basic meaning of Gor and slavery, and the general principle that most practice. In exploring this site, you will garnish a better understanding of what it is to be a Free Man/Woman and what it is to be a slave.