Dinner Menu

Our lunch menu is available at reduced prices Tues thru Friday from 11am to 4pm

Our take out menu offers a $1 discount off all dinner entree prices


XIAO CHI "small eats" $3 each - a rotating selection of primarily vegan cold nibbles

CALAMARI RINGS or SESAME PRAWNS $9 - calamari rings or sesame coated prawns with sweet chili dipping sauce

DUMPLINGS (JIAOZI) $7 - seven steamed pork & cabbage dumplings with 'red sauce'

WOK ROASTED VEGETABLES $8 - potatoes, broccoli, carrots, etc. with a side of 'furu' dressing

BON BON CHICKEN or PRESSED TOFU $6 - carrot & cucumber shreds, chcken or tofu topped with sesame dressing

ANTS CLIMBING TREES $7 - glass noodles, pork, chile, garlic & sichuan peppercorn

SOUP DU JOUR $1.50 cup, $3.00 bowl, $7 family bowl






GARLIC BLACK BEAN BEEF $14 - flank steak, broccoli, onions & bell peppers in a rich garlicky stir fry

LEMON CHICKEN $12 - crisp, battered bite-sized chicken in tangy lemon sauce

HEART WARMING SEAFOOD NOODLE BOWL $17 - calamari, prawns, scallops, fish, and clams with noodles, scallions, bok choi in savory oyster sauce

SWEET & SOUR PORK $12 - pork, onions, carrots, bell peppers & pineapple in sweet & sour sauce

 BLACK DATE CHICKEN $12 - with sweet potatoes, a rich smoky, mild taiwanese dish

CASHEW PRAWNS OR SCALLOPS  - prawns($15) or scallops ($17) with broccoli, bamboo, baby corn & carrot stars and roasted cashews glazed in master sauce

GAN BIAN GREEN BEANS $10 - green beans 'dry fried' with dried shrimp, ground pork & sichuan pickle

SAVORY TOFU $11 - sweet bean sauce, leeks, cabbage & pressed tofu

BLACK MUSHROOM CHICKEN $12 - shaoxing, pine nuts, black mushrooms, chicken, garlic and scallion

PINECONE CALAMARI $13 - tender squid with pine nuts in the garlic and black bean style

SMOKED PORK NOODLE $13 - bok choi, cabbage, and house smoked pork with chao mian noodles

BROCCOLI BAMBOO MUSHROOM $10 - broccoli, bamboo shoots & forest mushrooms in a soy-rice wine sauce


KUNG PAO SALMON $15 - salmon, peanuts, chili pods and 'hua jiao' in a dark smoky sauce

HOME STYLE TOFU $11 - squash, mushrooms, and bamboo braised with yu dofu

HOT BEAN VEGETABLE FRIED NOODLES $9 - choi, cabbage, carrots & spring onions, stir fried with hot bean sauce and garlic over steamed soft noodles

YU XIANG QIEZI $11 - electric purple eggplant in a complex hot garlic style

ROSEMARY PORK $13 - rosemary, galic, tomato & pork wok seared with soy sauce

TWICE COOKED PORK $13 - wok grilled pork, leeks, bell peppers and cabbage sauteed in spicy sweet bean sauce

BASIL CHICKEN $12 - asian basil, squash, thai chilies in a sauce of black vinegar

XI HU CU YU $13 - 'great wall' vinegar braised snapper with  broccoli crowns

FURU BROCCOLI $10 - fresh broccoli sir fried with piquant, silken preserved tofu sauce

BLACK PEPPER BEEF $14 - flank steak infused with sweet black pepper, on a choi bed

GAN PUNG CHICKEN $12 - crispy chicken with garlic and chilies, in a tangy sweet sauce

MONGOLIAN BEEF $14 - smoky beef with scallions carrots and bamboo, medium spicy

BASIL TOMATO SALMON $15 - roma tomatoes, thai basil and poached salmon in a light flavorful broth

DAN DAN NOODLES $9 - steamed noodles, cucumber, carrot & choi topped with a chilled, spicy sesame dressing with your choice of chicken, tofu, or smoked pork

ORANGE PEEL BEEF $14 - orange peel & smoked chilies tossed with beef & bell pepper


HUNAN BEEF $14 - scallions, ginger, chili pods, garlic and shaoxing wine

CURRY AND COCONUT TOFU $11 - braised tofu and vegetables in a fiery thai style presentation

SHA CHA 'SAN XIAN' NOODLE $15 - prawns, chicken and pork chao mian with a spicy smoky chinese sauce based on shrimp and fish

SHUI ZHU PORK $13 - pork, cabbage, cucumber simmered 'ma la' style

RED CURRY SEAFOOD $17 - scallops, prawns, calamari & fish with tomato and leek in red curry

GAN SHAO SCALLOPS $17 - ginger, rice wine, sambal, squash, jicama & scallops in coral sauce

SUAN LA BEEF $14 - flank steak & chinese vegetables wok seared hot and sour style

MAPO TOFU $11 - simmered pork & tofu, red oil, garlic and sichuan peppercorn

CHENG DU CHICKEN $12 - chicken and bell peppers, sesame oil, garlic & 'hua jiao'