Hi! If you came here via some web search, or you received this link through someone else via email and you're of the Michaels/Whitley/Burford clan of Minneapolis, Forth-Worth, Austin or Santa Barbara, then yes, you have the right Gordon (and Heather), and yes, we have pics of Andrew (primarily), the cats, the whole family, everything. Also a lot of my photos of the SB area, including the Rattle Snake trail series, although I'm having trouble uploading some of those because they're so big. The albums are not public though, so please email me for a page with all the links.
Sorry I don't IM and I don't have a MySpace, Facebook or other cool web prescence (that's for you, e-Nick). Just this drab little site which does not require me to be versed in HTML, CSS or JavaScript, which I hate with a passion.
Other than that, I have some other stuff sprinkled throughout this place, some of it work-related or technical, some of it personal. Feel free to browse.

Sites I read


YCombinator News
The DZone Java aggregator (and DZone in general)
The Java.net news site
and of course TheServerSide, specifically the Patterns section.
Metafilter (yeah!)
Software architecture resources, great site.

I used to also read Reddit but between the election crap and the Haskell/Lisp fixation, I gave up.


Salon, because I'm a bleeding heart liberal.
The Santa Barbara News-Press
The Daily Sound
And of course MSNBC, CNN, CBS News, etc.

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