The Repository — 宝 物 殿 - Contents


An introduction


Chapter 1

Igor and Bozhena

A train ride in Bratislava leads to California

Chapter 2

Arizona Vacation

Unexpected results of a 16th  birthday present

Chapter 3

Chopin's Nocturne in F

Chopin, Mars, and discovery

Chapter 4


Growing up in Southern California and beyond

Chapter 5


A rite of passage and self acceptance

Chapter 6

Really Butch

Learning about the world and masks

Chapter 7

Mist in the Cypress

Love and Language

Chapter 8

Gregg and the Dragon

Bozhena adopts a new son

Chapter 9

Twilight in Monterey

The last days of a year long honeymoon

Chapter 10

Making it Official

The Blessing of the Dragon Lady

Chapter 11


Discovering, and rediscovering, Japan

Chapter 12

Len’s Personal Files

The Hedda Hopper of Japan’s far north

Chapter 13

H.F. — The Puppy

Innocent and not so innocent

Chapter 14

Beyond the Surface

Japanese culture and traditions

Chapter 15

Alex and Tatsuo

Turning left instead of turning right

Chapter 16

Pilgrims in Kyoto

The stuff that dreams are made of

Chapter 17


Wild azalea blossoms, then and now

Chapter 18

Blossoms that Fall

Slowly learning acceptance

Chapter 19

Wandering Road to Eiheiji

An unusual escape mechanism

Chapter 20

From Here to There